Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I'll Say It!

Self-promotion is rarely tolerated. But I'm going to do some, so THERE!

I'm a good boy. Yeah, that's right. I whine a lot about the long drive to NY with Pop when he has to go see his Doc. (It's a 250 mile round trip). Well, yesterday, I made an even longer drive. Why? To take my 91 year old Grandma to lunch. It rained like a monsoon, I didn't cancel. The traffic was horrendous, I kept on going.

I got there and told her she could pick any restaurant she wanted. She chose Applebee's. (Need I say this is one of the reasons you gotta love Grandma? I love me some Applebee's). And the two of us went, ate lunch, and sat b.s.-ing in the restaurant for nearly 2 hours (the waitress was tipped well, smarty).

She was absolutely beaming. Yeah, and that beam was 'cause of ME! (Gram is the only person I'd ever feel brave enough to make that statement about)

So yeah, for one day, I was a good boy. Kudos gladly accepted.


  1. I think you're a good boy ALL the time!!!
    Love ya babe!

  2. KUDOS!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!

  3. That's awesome! I hope to have a good boy grandson who'll take me out when I'm old!

  4. John and I drove 300 miles with 2 little kids AFTER a cross country flight to go see my grandparents last time we went home for Christmas. We were only there for about a day before we had to turn around and come back to see the rest of our neglected family, but three years later they still talk about how much it meant to them. Little things make such a difference. Come to think of it, the little things make a difference no matter what age you are. You are a good boy and I know you made your grandma feel loved!!

  5. I told you this last night and I will say it again, you are such a good person. I just hope that if I ever make it to Grandma's age that I will have a Jimmy in my life to take me to some trendy restaurant. That would be so cool to have a young man take me out! : ) Have a happy tomorrow JP baby!


  6. I've never thought you were anything but a wonderful soul. (Hugs) Indigo

  7. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Your Grandma has good reason to smile and celebrate, Jimmy. And you deserve to know and recognize that that reason is YOU.


  8. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Hey, I always knew you are one of the best, Jimmy!! Gram just seconded that emotion!

    Seriously, I'm sure that was the highligt of her week. I like me some Applebee's toooooooooooo.


  9. I was never as good of a grandchild as you are, and I sincerely regret that. Some day when she is in Heaven, you can look back to those special times and feel wonderful inside!

    You did GREAT! :D

  10. I'm sure the smile on your Gram's face said it all.
    You're a good man!


  11. You are the bomb! HUG

  12. Awwww - You are a great guy! Your grandma is very lucky!

  13. Would you like a biscuit? lol

    You're ALWAYS a good boy! You do so much for other people.

    I'll go get that biscuit now ;o)


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