Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Tough Guy?

I'm swearing off Chicken Parmigiana forever. More about that later...

So tonight, I'm sitting here with my thumb all wrapped up. I had it in ice earlier, and will again before I sleep. It's a mess, my hand is swollen and it sort of hurts a lot.

So how did this grave hand injury occur? A shining football moment? An errant punch in the boxing ring? A horrific cycling accident maybe?

How about "none of the above"?

I did it scrubbing out a pot. Or more precisesly trying to scrub out a baking pan. I decided to add double the amount of elbow grease, and when I gave it my best, I don't know exactly how it happened, but WHAM. Slammed the thumb into the sink, heard a major crack, and I think my thumb touched my elbow.

Oww. Yeah.

So it hurts, it's all blown up, and I hurt it washing dishes.

So macho. I hate this. I need some testosterone I think. Or a cigar.

...back to the chicken: I'm swearing it off. Anything that won't scrub off with Brillo after a half-hour soak isn't something I want to put into my G.I. tract anymore.

Ok, Sissy Lippy is going to bed now.


  1. So it was the chicken parmigiana that ultimately caused the thumb problem. Dude, totally sucks. I don't even want to ask how hard you were scrubbing or how the that even got crusted on so hard.

    Take care of yourself.

  2. Aww, that must have hurt pretty badly. Sorry to hear that.


    PS. You're not a sissy...but you sure are thumb-thing else!

  3. ::bites lip:: I won't laugh... I swear... Because I've done worse, and recently lol

    You SURE you didn't break it or anything? Sounds pretty nasty.

  4. ouch ouch ouch!!!

  5. I hate it when pans are that hard to clean! When I'm making food that I know is hard to clean from a baking pan, I first line the pan with foil. Of course, no one wants to eat food with foil stuck to the bottom of it, so the foil can be sprayed with nonstick cooking spray before putting the food in the lined pan.

    I'm sorry you ended up with such a major hurt-y thing! It's so much more fun to tell of an injury that happened in an exciting way! I will be posting very soon about injuring myself in a wedding dress shop with my daughter. Those places have danger lurking EVERYWHERE, haha! ;)

    I too have hurt myself while doing dishes, but the accidents have always involved a sharp knife! :0

  6. You really had to be putting some heavy muscle into scrubbing that cook a mean dish!

    I'm so sorry you're in pain.
    Have you gotten it checked? Is it broken?

    Yeah sorry Lippy.... washing dishes isn't the best story to tell when someone asks you how you hurt yourself.

    Hope it's better by now!!


  7. OUCH! You might just need a new recipe! I mean, how can you really entertain the thought of going chicken parmigiana-less for the rest of your life??

  8. One of the reasons, I only use pyrex glass pans. Those things clean up easy enough. Sorry to hear about the thumb...I've actually had my thumb bent back far enough to break, hurts like a b...Hopefully it's only sprained and not broken. Take care of yourself hon. (Hugs) Indigo

  9. OMG....this is a classic Jimmyism. ROFLMAO and I feel bad about it....

    Poor guy...


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