Sunday, April 15, 2007


Chosha over at "A Little East of Reality", got me thinking about something tonight. She wrote about paparazzi, and in particular, how a picture of Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon could command a healthy sum of money.

I wonder what goes on with this whole "celebrity" thing. I read a lot of blogs, and the ones that deal with celebrities muster a lot of traffic. However, when I glance over the comment sections of these blogs, celebrities sure get a lot of negative commentary. Those comments are some of the darkest, nastiest and most vicious I've read.

Yet, somehow, the "celeb market" sure is an economic force. Something has to put those publications in the position to fork over that kind of dough for photographs. It's a strange thing. So many people loathe the celebrities we read about daily, yet someone has to be buying the magazines.

I wonder this: suppose there was to be a boycott of all the celebrity gossip magazines, Star, People, US Weekly, proposed. Would you participate? If not, why not?

Or what if we only agreed to buy the magazines that didn't use "predatory" photographs? You know, only printing photos taken at events, premieres, galas? No unauthorized pics. Would you consider that? Again, if not, why not?

Just curious.


  1. I stopped buying those magazines a while back. I remember seeing Brad Pitt's interview with Barbara Walters, and there was this point where he was talking about the media, and he just stopped and looked right into the camera and said, 'you need to understand, what they write is never true.' It was an interesting moment for me. I realised that I really had no way to ever know if anything I read was true, and in some cases even if it was true, it was still none of my business. I know the law says that a public person has no right to privacy, but I just don't believe that. So I stopped buying the magazines, and I have to say I really don't miss them.

  2. I've never understood why we need to know about these people outside of their job's. They are just people with fun jobs that entertain us. Good questions Jimmy!

  3. Anonymous3:42 PM

    I'm one of those people with a love/hate relationship with celebrities and the magazines. I won't subscribe, but I'll glance if they're around.
    As for your question...I'll go with what's behind Door Number 3...the one that keeps it real...and doesn't offend the celebs nor our intelligence.

    You gonna start a magazine like that? If so, call me... I'll be on board!


  4. I don't buy any celebrity mags; personally I think it's a waste. I actually wrote a blog about this not too long ago.

    I could care less if Paris Hilton's dog gets a new outfit, where Brangelina are vacationing, or that Brittney Spears is in rehab.....AGAIN. Celebs are so shallow, why do we even care?

    I will admit that sometimes I'll pick up a mag at a Dr.'s office, or cruise the E! channel now and then; but I won't waste a penny that kind of entertainment.

  5. Ah yes, celebrities. How we love to hate them.

    Buying those magazines is a complete waste of money -especially since you can give in to such guilty pleasures by reading sites like Which I, of course, never read...well, maybe just a little bit...okay, I check it everyday. Even though it's pretty trashy.

    The papparazzi is pretty vicious -and I think the best example is when Johnny Depp said, "Privacy gets pretty expensive."

    Sometimes I can feel sorry for some celebs...but not really. If a celebrity is complaining about papparazzi, but lives in L.A. I can't feel sorry for them. Especially when it's part of their job to go clubbing and be "seen," and they're purposefully going to hot spots knowing that the cameras will be waiting for them.

    But when a celeb is in his/her backyard, and someone's taking a pic from the bushes...not cool.

  6. I'm not sure what the public's facination is, but if we didn't have it, stars wouldn't have the jobs they have and either would the media.

    I do think it's sick the way the paparazzi follow and stalk them relentlessly though. People say it's the price of fame, but the media takes it way too far. We're all entitled to a bit of privacy aren't we?

    Celebrities must have the patience of Saints. I don't know how they can stand having reporters and photographers in their personal space all the time.


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