Friday, April 06, 2007

The Face Of Fear

Well, I'm definitely going to have bad dreams tonight. I "met" a woman today who is, to me, the ultimate male nightmare.

I randomly tuned to VH-1 today. I left it on while I did some work, and suddenly, I was very distracted from my work by that woman. The show is called "The Agency", and it's a reality show focused around the daily business of Wilhelmina Modeling Agency.

This woman's name is Becky, and she was one of the agents on the "High-End Women's Board". Apparently, the theme of this episode was the internal disagreement over a prospective woman model. Being that this is a modeling show, I fully anticipated the bickering that would take place.

I had no idea.

The crew battled back and forth, but this woman was the most difficult, unpleasant, negative person I think I have ever encountered outside a psychiatric ward. She disagreed with everyone, about everything, and that's not the worst of it.

She was foul-mouthed, (the guy on the beeper button probably needed a week off after this episode), rotten, critical and just horrible. Her favorite phrase is apparently, "I'm over it," except that every time she said it (20-30 times, while I was keeping count), she was most definitely not over it. She would say it, then launch into a new tirade every time.

There was actually some relief in the form of a surprise for me. As the episode drew to a close, her last tirade got her FIRED! I don't think I've ever clapped for a television show, but I have to admit...

But she's out there somewhere, folks. The series left her walking the streets of Manhattan, and I go there every day! I'm a-scared!

Whew. Being single does have its advantages.

Oh, and the next show up was some nonsense called, "I Love New York", and I'm not even going to get started on that funny-farm. Thank the Lord for choices.


  1. Oh jimmy, the shows you watch...

    Perhaps this girl can be the 5th wheel on The View.....

  2. Isn't it interesting how we can't turn away sometimes, no matter HOW disturbing something is to us?


    I missed it. I was busy watching Intervention...watching the depths of desperation of an addict and his family. I was a wreck. Crying for all their pain. I probably shoulda watched what you were watching.


  3. i stupidly came upon "I love new york". turns out the girls name on the show is "new york". now i'm not big on name calling women especially when men get away with the same stuff women get branded for, but this woman... S.L.U.T. if there ever was one.

    what the hell has tv come to. this was as far from "reality" as i've ever seen & trust me, i will NEVER tune in to that show EVER AGAIN!!! that's about 3 minutes of my life i'll never get back. what a waste!! good thing you didn't "tune in". UGGHHHH!!!!

  4. OH my goodness. "I Love New York" is...really so funny. I don't have TV but I've caught bits of that show at my boyfriend's house...and we laughed, hard.

    But yeah, some women can be very very scary...and dare I say evil?

  5. Haha even IIII can't stand that show. How you made it through I have no idea. You're tougher than me, way tougher lol



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