Monday, April 30, 2007

The Unknown...

There was a picture of the NJ Nets' Vince Carter in the paper today. There he was, high above the rim, arms extended. On his left arm, there was what appeared to be a shirt sleeve. What is that?

I remember guys would cut or tear the sleeves off of a t-shirt to look cool. Do we now rip the shirt off the sleeves to look cool, or am I missing something?


  1. Maybe he was trying to be a little dressier - like wearing long gloves with a ball gown instead of short ones?

    I wonder if carving designs in hair will ever make a comeback. Because that was entertaining, at least!

  2. Are we sure it's a shirt sleeve or some sort of elbow brace?

    If the former, then he is starting some sort of weird trend.

  3. Maybe it's a... okay no idea lol


  4. You sure that's not a pressure bandage to reduce swelling from an earlier injury? I wear something similar for lymphodema.

  5. I thought it was a bandage too...



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