Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Mini Stupid-Quiz

There's an instance in our lives when the following could be correct:

4 can equal 20
60 can equal 1
but while 24 can equal 86,400, 12 only equals .5

what would I be able to figure out using the above?


  1. Time! 4 months is roughly 20 weeks, well a little less actually. 60 minutes is 1 hour. 24 hours is 86, 400 seconds and 12 hours is half a day. I'm such a geek to love stuff like this.

  2. 4 = 20 on a clock.

  3. I've always loved brain teasers like these...but I saw Cynthia's answers before I could think!! Darn it. I want more!



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