Saturday, June 07, 2008

Blogger Idiots

Funny thing. When you allow a process to be completely automated, you lose some control you probably don't want to lose hold of. When I think of Ford putting Microsoft-based programming into some of its cars (SYNC), I couldn't come up with any reason that would make me avoid Ford more than that. I don't want Microsoft even remotely involved with something as vital as my car.

When I came to the world of Blogging, it was through America Online's "Journals". I'd seen lots of blogs in various places, but I figured since I was paying for it, I'd have a little more control over the editorial process. Eventually, AOL's journals became yet another of the many AOL disasters, and I came to Blogger.

And I have to admit, the functions were superior, the layouts a lot more imaginative, and the editorial policy at Blogger was very hands-off. I became a big fan.

Maybe it's the timing, but of late, I have lost a lot of love for Blogger.

Then I found this. These are normally used in the comment area of some blogs, but I found a word verification in my publishing area a couple of days ago. When I investigated, I was told, "Your blog appears to be a spam blog."

Yeah. A guy writing updates about the last days of a cancer patient would most assuredly qualify as spam. It appears that Blogger is as capable of employing idiots as America Online is. Now I have to wait for one of the Geniuses to "review my blog" to determine that it isn't, in fact, a "SPAM blog".

I would imagine there are lots of spammers out there posting stories about a family member who is dying. Sounds reasonable to you, right?

As a sidenote, someone mentioned to me that this situation is possibly a result of someone "flagging" my blog as spam.

When I think of the quality of life of someone who would look at this blog the past couple of weeks, and use this time to carry out their own pitiful agenda, I'm so glad that I don't have that kind of cancer in my life. See, that's the thing about vermin, they don't care if your loved one is dying, they'll attack and feed anyway. That's why vermin is always better when it's eliminated.

Anyway, thank you for indulging my little rant. I have such a low tolerance for morons as it is, add a family crisis to the mix, and I become downright maniacal.

And if this Blog was flagged, I add this little message to the Flagger:

You're pitiful. Enjoy your worthless existence. I'm sure you're a delightful soul with the social value of lice. Take care, and thanks!


  1. I'm speechless...If they find this blog to be spam there truly must be idiots that have taken control of an otherwise nice format. Sigh...I don't get people anymore. Don't they realize life is short. For every moment, minute they take of making themselves and everyone else miserable they lose those same minutes from their own lives. Why would someone purposely want to waste away the little bit of life they have on idiocy is beyond me. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this in the midst of everything else hon. I hope they decide rather quickly they wasted their time even checking for the spam content here. I continue to keep Pop and your family in my prayers on the smoke dear friend. (Hugs) Indigo

  2. I'm sorry that happened! :(

  3. I'm late in the game here - but you're saying someone flagged your entire blog (or just one post?) as spam? I don't get it either. Bastards.

  4. Anonymous10:57 PM

    People are stupid!
    Love ya babe!!


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