Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Driver's Guide, Chapter One

When you start out doing something like this, it's not as simple as
it seems. Writing is never simple.

I figure this project is something that would be better in an interactive
style. Maybe we can get some feedback from people. Maybe there really
are legitimate reasons for some of the things we see The Ungood
Drivers do. Maybe there's a perfectly sound explanation for that guy
who's backing up in the left lane of the Expressway. Maybe there are
people who've been taught that Stop Signs really are optional.

But this can also be a source of some good, common sense advice, and
maybe we can even get a little input from a few genuine experts.
I'm not an expert, but I believe that at least where driving is concerned,
I'm pretty well-versed. But I would love to get this going as a means
of addressing a real problem.

So let's start with a few basic tips and see what people have to say.
I think the following are some generally accepted points and principles,
so it's a good start.

The Basics

  • The common automobile comes equipped with 2 or 3 foot pedals. The
    one to the far right is the gas pedal. We only mention that because
    we want people to know that it's ok to occasionally use that one.

  • When the traffic light is working, it's performing the function of
    guiding traffic flow. It is not some sort of modern art to be
    admired for hours. It's not going to get any greener. Drive please.

  • Despite rumors to the contrary, Stop and Yield signs really aren't
    optional. And by "Stop" the idea is, you stop. You're
    not being directed to make everyone around you slam on their brakes
    and make those pretty black marks on the pavement.

  • On a multi-lane highway, it's a generally accepted principle that
    the left lane is intended to be used by faster-moving traffic in order
    to pass slower-moving traffic, which, by default, should be traveling
    in the right lanes. If people are required to use the lanes to your
    right in order to get by you, and you're puzzled by the horrendous looks
    those people are giving you, here's The Clue of the Day: You're
    in the wrong lane! Move To The Right!

    I think that's good enough for Chapter One, no? Let's get some ideas
    here, folks.



  1. lippy, I have a new job for you: Teaching driver's ed. You would think these principles would be taught, but apparently they got many states. I don't the people in my state know that the red octagon sign means STOP. And the left lane? It's just another lane of traffic to them. Huge pet-peeves of mine.

    I think people either don't learn this stuff, or they're so inept they shouldn't have a license.

  2. I'm good on all these points...WHEW!

    Wanna know an Ungood Driver thing I've done? I once made a left hand turn from a restaurant parking lot out into traffic, then I realized that it was right turn only...once I became stuck on the raised median! :0

  3. Oh that left lane thing is a pet peeve of mine!!
    Some people just don't get it!

  4. What about people who wait until the very last minute to get over and do not use a turn signal~UGH!!!

    Love ya babe!!


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