Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Starting Line...Again

This week took a lot out of me! There was a lot to follow up on with the funeral: paperwork, thank-you cards to write, etc.

And it's time for a rearrangement of life in general, as in "the real world is calling." I own my business, and the best way to define that is, "no work, no money." So the business beckoned with a lot of overtime; time to make things right and new with the world.

Which brings me to this point. Something just isn't right here. The week before Pop passed, my kids' Mom was involved in a car accident. She's fine but there appeared to be some serious damage. The insurance company had a body shop on recommendation, so off the vehicle went. I'm seeing tens of thousands in bills there. Yay!

At the same time, the air conditioning in my Explorer decided to retire, and we were moving into the first delightful heat wave of the season. I figured that was easily 80 or 90 grand at least.

Well, today was the wrap-up of the auto horror show. First up was the Explorer. Went in, got that taken care of. $60 bucks. Not 600, not 6,000. $60 bucks. I actually asked the guy, "What's the catch?". No catch. Hmm...

Then off to the body shop.

Again, all sort of damages...I was thinking second mortgage for that. I know there's insurance, and I only had a 500 dollar deductible, but still. Well, the total was 2900 dollars. I was charged only $500. No sneaky add-ons, no "extra's".

I was definitely off-balance, that's for sure. I had that "waiting for the other shoe to drop" thing going on all day. But, no sneaker avalanches. Nothing. Free and clear.

Well, not exactly. It's me, after all. Things are out there reminding me that I'm still me, and my world is still Stupid.

  • I bought a tea kettle for the stove. It's a 3-quart job, and I brew a ton of homemade iced tea. Only problem is, if you fill this thing more than halfway up, when the water boils, you get a geyser of hot, steaming water shooting out everywhere. Yay me!
  • We had a short power-outage overnight. Short, as in, just long enough to make sure the alarm clock was set to the wrong time. Woke up two hours late. I don't smile a lot when that happens, but I did resist the urge to launch said alarm clock across room.

  • Blogger still thinks I'm a robot that posts SPAM. They are very dumb.

  • Stopped by a client's home last evening. She had made a ton of cornbread and gave me a piece to take home. I love, love LOVE cornbread. So do my kids. They ate it while I was at the body shop. All of it. Damn kids.

So things are sort of getting back to normal, see?

I'll be by to see you all. You were missed.


  1. Someone's looking out for you! (Well, at least in the $ department)

    Glad to see you back. Hope things get back to normal, or semi-normal, or whatever kind of normal is expected in the life of Lippy.

  2. Tiffany3:20 PM

    Glad things seem to be evening out somewhat. I'd be careful w/ the geiser of a kettle. ;)

  3. I love corn bread too. Back when I was single and living on my own, I'd make a skillet of corn bread when I got home from work and, while it was hot, load on the butter and sometimes jam. Or not. That would be my supper. Next morning, corn bread and milk. Next evening, cold corn bread and butter. That would be the end of my skillet of corn bread. No wonder I gained weight back then.

  4. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Nice to see you back... you've been missed. :::sigh::: back to normal? What is that by the way?

  5. I'm glad you got those bills paid up without bankrupting yourself, makes a change doesn't it?! I love cornbread too, first had in in the US and started making my own when I got home. Have a good weekend!

  6. Welcome back...Ü
    We've missed you~

  7. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Ya' know, its that karma give and give, and at some point, it gives back. Take it, my friend, and continue giving of yourself and your resources (cuz you have some left), and it all comes back to you. Glad you're back on track. Kiddos doing ok? I LOVE cornbread but my husband doesn't, so I don't make it very often. Looks like you don't have it very often either :)
    xoxo ~Myra

  8. Marty8:13 PM

    Hi Jimmy,
    Glad to see things are getting back to normal! I had a Lippy Moment of my own this morning: I just received s premium notice for the earthquake insurance on my home (this is the second bill, in the first one, we discovered that the insurance company "forgot" that I was entitled to a discount and since the bill wasn't due until mid July, my agent said to rip it up and he'd send me a new one). The new one arrived, postmarked this week, with a "due date" of three weeks ago. Go figure ... I wonder if they'll insure the time machine I'll need to use to pay their bill ...

  9. Glad to see you are back. I've been thinking about you, and hoping things were not too crazy, I see that they might have been, and you didn't even get your cornbread!! :)

  10. Life is strange that way it marches on, no matter if your ready for the ride or not. ((Hugs)) You have been in my thoughts lately wondering how you were doing. Sounds like the money Gods are smiling down on you lately. I think even they recognize the fact a bit of mercy is redeemable. I have found in my house, if I want anything - hide it. Thing is I sometimes forget where I hid it. Welcome back hon, take your time getting back into the swing of things. (Hugs)Indigo

  11. Missie9:22 PM

    I'm glad things are sort of getting back to normal for you!

  12. Why oh Why do our children do that to us? I had mexican leftovers that I was soooooooo looking forward to yesterday after work.............yep all gone! GRRRR and I am upset they are going to away to college why???Linda

  13. Anonymous12:36 AM

    Your "normal" faintly resembles my own... I like to think it all balances out ~ somehow, somewhere down the road.

    Regardless, I hope you find some peace amid life's storms ~ ;o)


  14. Anonymous12:38 AM

    so really, what is normal your getting back to other Life again...kbear

  15. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Jimmy I am glad you are getting some normality back in your life ~ Ally x

  16. Anonymous9:08 AM

    What a nightmare car week. They all break down at once. Glad things are settling down. Hope you get cornbread real soon.


  17. Isn't it nice for for things to go your way for a change? LOL...nice to see ya back, and things are starting to go back to normal.


  18. Aw heck, Jimmy, I say you still made out better with the money saving aspect. Those other little nuisancy things like the cornbread - though huge bummers at the time - are easily remedied.

    I'm glad you're back. :)

  19. So glad that all those money things worked out.

  20. (((((Jimmy))))) I'm glad you have angels but I think you need hugs.

  21. This entry had me singing this for some reason..."You take the good, you take the bad you take them both and then you have..." :)

    Love ya babe!!


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