Thursday, January 04, 2007

It Happens To Us All...

So you know we all do it, both men and women: we spot someone we find attractive somewhere in public, and maybe we take an extra moment to enjoy looking at them. (Oh you know you do, too.)

But then it happens, and it happens time and again. Someone steps into your line of vision, blocking the few of your momentary infatuation, and that "someone" is always someone nasty. It just ruins the whole moment.


  1. Have no fear...I'm sure you'll have many more "moments".
    Not a doubt.

    : )


  2. Or, that person is your wife or girlfriend. That tends to ruin it, too. It is especially bad when the wife of girlfriend is "someone nasty". :)

  3. Anonymous8:24 PM

    LOL @ Jeff.....Yeah Jimmy it could be worse...


  4. Yep.. had that happen. I just push em' out of the way! lol NOT!

  5. Jeff is killing me with his comments. Too funny!

    I have nearly perfected the art of stealth gawking, and heaven help the person who steps into my line of vision and obscures my view of my, know.



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