Saturday, January 27, 2007

Two Times Only

I hate discussing politics on here. I have my views, you have yours, and we will never agree, nor will we ever convert one another's views to our very own. But I do kind of like the Presidential Race because it's sometimes exciting, always important and something we should all have an opinion on.

I take my vote very seriously, but I also love to have fun when it comes to the Presidential elections. It really brings out the worst in people. It reminds me of the Crusades, for crying out loud. We're normally allowed to have opinions in this country, and we're always hearing about "Freedom of Speech", but just try expressing a "political" opinion in a blog, especially if you don't happen to be mainstream. I always laugh at the folks who want to tar and feather you, and I really enjoy the ones who assume you're somehow mentally deficient if you don't support their candidate. I remember one year, being told that I needed to "better educate myself" during the Bush vs. Gore election of 2000, by someone who could barely write in complete sentences. I especially enjoyed the part where they wrote, "if you take another look at the isues, Id bet your definately going to change you're mind".[sic] Yayyy!

Anyway, I have been sitting back and taking my preliminary notes on the overall campaigning, and these are my thoughts on some of the potential candidates. I'll start with the Democrats today.

John Edwards He seems like an intelligent guy, but he doesn't appear "Presidential" to me. He just makes me think we'd have to wait too long for any decisions from him, because he's got to ask his Mom or something.

Chris Dodd Nope.

Bill Richardson Nice enough man, just doesn't do it for me. His brand of politics is more along the lines of telling me how other people's ideas are wrong, rather than convincing me why his are right. Not eliminated from my mind, just not a big contender.

Dennis Kucinich Reminds me too much of Ross Perot, and, he doesn't strike me as being a very original thinker. I need some dynamism from my candidates.

Tom Vilsack Who?

Joe Biden Nope

Al Gore Eliminated on principle. I think the President of the United States needs to be a living person.

Hillary Clinton I've spoken about her before, and I still maintain my opinion when it comes to her. I think the first woman to reach the White House as President will be someone who'll be remembered throughout history. I think it will be an incredible honor, as well as a stupendous accomplishment. I just don't want it to be her. She's intelligent and able, but I don't think she is honorable or respectable.

Barack Obama If I were to choose a Democratic candidate, I do believe this would be the man I'd vote for. And as much as I would like to see him do well politically, I almost wish he would back out because there will be a never-ending series of efforts, particularly by the media, to destroy this man's life. I think they will stop at nothing to hurt him, and that will detract from the support a good President needs. It would be a shame, but I think it would be inevitable.

OK that's it. Tomorrow the Republicans.


  1. I don't care for any of those candidates (I'm such a conservative.....go figure). Let's hope Hillary doesn't make it to the White House; after all, wasn't she 'president' for 8 years already? I think you're right on about her. Obama is too green (not to mention too liberal for me).

    Can't wait to hear about the Republicans.

  2. I have to agree on Obama. And Clinton er... idk about able lol She's damn smart obviously but she's a little too... manipulative for me. My only problem with Obama really, is he's too damn inexperienced. I think he's a nice guy, but he's too fresh.

    Honestly, so far, no one running is tripping my trigger on either side... But I'm more of a Conservative so I'll wait and comment on your Rep list too before I really damn everyone lol

    I just have this feeling I'm going to end up voting for the lesser evil lol


  3. Oh I can't stand Hilary! Man, yeah I'll just leave it at that! Obama, I honestly get a horrible pit in my stomach thinking of him, there's just something too smooth about him. The only one I even like is Edwards, but I don't know what kind of President he could be, although I don't think it'd happen.


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