Saturday, March 31, 2007

11 things

Well I got in the mood to do one of those "meme" things, since I've seen some really interesting ones the last couple of days. I'll give it a shot trying to keep up the standard...

  1. Driving, to me is a necessary evil. It's like paying the bills. If there were a way around it, I'd give it up in a second.

  2. I'm a very streaky person. Not a streaker. I mean that when I find something I like, I tend to eat, watch, listen to it too much.

  3. I have a short attention span when it comes to "favorites". Like, right now, the most beautiful celebrity to my eyes is Jami Gertz. Check back in a couple of weeks and you'll see what I mean about the attention span

  4. I love kids. I love the nonsense, the chaos, the silliness.

  5. I write my blog entries in HTML instead of compose mode, which just confirms that I am a geek.

  6. I am an over-doer. I know it's annoying when I gush in my comments. In my defense, I really mean what I say, I just know I should tone it down. It can reek of stalker, but I'm really not. If I think you're great, or you write something funny, or brilliant, I really feel the need to say so. I'm workin' on it.

  7. You know how people get annoyed when someone says "like" at the beginning of every sentence? That peeve applies to me when it comes to the word "amazing". I've heard digital cable, cellphones, yogurt, neighborhoods, music and perfume described as "amazing" today alone. It's overused, diluted, and takes too much away from someone who truly is "amazing".

  8. I can't play UNO. I think if I've played 10,000 rounds in my life, I've won 3. But I have a lot of fun with that game. I play chess respectably, I hold my own at Roulette, Poker, (although not too often for money, not much of a gambler)even Gin Rummy and Canasta, although I get whupped at Canasta.But UNO is my downfall. I'll play anytime though!

  9. I used to pride myself on being "slow to anger". I have since learned that that's not a good thing because when it happens, I'm terribly slow at forgiveness. I'm working on that. The worst heartbreak comes, not at the hand of a lover, but from a friend, and I have a hard time giving my trust back. It's hypocritical of me, because I've been forgiven a number of times. I'm working on it, as I said.

  10. I'm a "random giver". I love giving little gifts. I love wishlists. I like to think that when someone uses a gift I gave them, they'll think of me.

  11. I don't know when to shut up.


  1. hey jimmy,
    i think you need to just keep being "you"... seems to fit you just fine :)

  2. I particularly like the last one.

    I think giving compliments is a good thing.....we don't do it enough in our society. I've at least appreciated any compliments you've thrown my way ;-)

    We all need to work on things, i.e. patience, not getting angry, forgiveness; it's a process. You're not the only one!

    I agree with star--just keep being you. We like you that way!

  3. I'm with Star, you are great the way you are. Gush over here anytime and if someone continually hurts you I think it's best to forgive, but then move on.

  4. One of my good friends is an UNO FREAK. I swear, I think she keeps an UNO game in her trunk-so that she can whip it out at any moment!

  5. I'm the opposite for the driving thing--I love to do that. For the most part, I'm the same as you...except for the HTML thing--I'm not THAT

    Annie =)

    btw, I love the sticky t-shirt! =D

  6. Anonymous8:54 PM

    I can relate mostly to #10. Also, I love games too....hard to find people to play with me. : (
    Can people play UNO online?


  7. I enjoy reading your blog because you're very real in both your writing and your opinions. I appreciate that.

    There's way too much to learn in this life! Patience, temperance, humility, love, meekness . . . they sound so simple. Ha! From the sounds of things, you're doing great. I agree with everyone else - we like you the way you are.

  8. hey jimmy, we definitely have something in common: point 5. i write my blog in HTML too. it's way better. it doesn't work the other way with my settings. ;)
    i guess everyone of us is working on something. i need more patience ;) you can do it.


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