Thursday, March 15, 2007

Driving Me Crazy

I was going through some papers tonight, and I found a pile of old vehicle registrations. I've owned a lot of cars over the years, and I just didn't realize some of the whacky vehicles I had mixed in there.

73 Chevy Impala. Big brother's car. I can't believe he let me drive it.

73 Chevy Impala Wagon. You drive this when you have no other options, and can convince parents to allow you to borrow it. I once got pulled over for allowing my friend, who was dressed as The Hulk for Halloween, to stand up in the tailgate and roar at people. He was painted green, by the way.

Plymouth Volare that I took Driver's Ed on. I failed my road test 3 times. Bad Driver's Ed Instructor. Or maybe bad student. I drive much better now.

Chevy Corvair. Unsafe at any speed! Hole in the floorboard. Flintstone Mobile!

Yayyy, Yugo. Drove that for an hour. Someone picked it up and threw it.

Loved my 78 Monte. Thought I was cool. Fuhgeddaboudit.

Loved the first one so much, I got another! Got Brownie points here, because I bought it from my girlfriend's Dad. He really wanted to get rid of it.

LOL, Chevette. I loved that car because I got it from my Grandpa. He was so pleased that someone in the family wanted it! It might be worth noting here, that I stand 6'5" tall. Picture that.

1986 Chevy Celebrity.Liked this car until a local Livery service bought 20 of them for its fleet. Yayyy, Taxi Driver Stupid!

1987 Chevy Celebrity. I'm a glutton for punishment. "TAXI!"

AMC Pacer. Another short timer. Couple of days. Someone took it. Showed up a few years later in "Wayne's World", I think.

Dodge Caravan. Family man by this time. Had an infant car seat in there. Oh, and an infant.

1997 Ford Explorer. Got this when my wife insisted on having the Caravan so much! I love this Explorer! Still have it. I took very good care of it. 10 years old. It still runs great. I don't, however.

2000 Celica GT. I got this for my 100th birthday. Yayyy! A friend of mine said it was a girly car. I ran him over with it.

OK, enough Memory Lane for this evening, huh?


  1. it's amazing on what kind of cars we will own...

    at least your cars were cool colors. i had a doo-doo colored honda (paint was fading in places) in high school/college. it broke down one day and i sold it the next...

  2. I wish I still could get a 73 Chevy Impala Wagon like the one you show up above. They were great cars, hauled a ton of stuff (literally) with air shocks and helper springs and you could car camp in it. Sex in the back on a nice thick sleeping bag was pretty nice, too...

  3. Fun post. It's always nice to take a trip down memory lane. You had some sweet cars (the Wayne's World mobile.....what a hoot!)

  4. Interesting idea for a post. I might borrow it, but I have a lot less cars! ;)

  5. I'm still trying to imagine you in the Chevette...lmao!

    Annie =)

  6. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Very cool...
    Fun entry!
    Some of your "memory lane" reminded me of my own...


  7. What? No mini's?

    Come on, at 6'5" you gotta at least take a picture of you sitting in one, it'd be a hoot!


  8. Katie1:03 AM

    So which car had the most girls in it???

  9. This was a fun entry and you sure had a lot of different cars. I think I can name everything I had on ... well, maybe two hands. Fun trip down memory land. :-)


  10. I liked the last two and flinstone car. My pinto was my throw away ;)

  11. lets see, I took my test on an old CJ-5 jeep, standard trans, no driver's ed & PASSED the first time!! Ü Then went to a CJ-7,HondaCivic to a Buick Regal, (kinda looked like your Monte), then an Eldorado,then of course, Caravan & now a Chevy Blazer.
    My favorite was the Caravan.

  12. Wowser. You've had a lot of cool cars!

    I can't remember what car I tested on. Funny that you remember that, but maybe if I were more into cars. I did hit another car, while I was practicing at the driving school. Oh and about a year later I reversed into a brick wall.

    I like to think I'm a better driver now. ;)


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