Friday, March 23, 2007

And The Week in Review

Just wanted to look back at the week, because it was a pretty good one this time around. It was kind of a week of "inspiration"...nothing worthy of a movie, but for me, a good step forward. Yep, had me some moments of inspiration and motivation, and some people to thank.

The Inspirations

Got some serious physical therapy time in. I managed to do everything the PT asked (more like told), just the way I was asked, and without being too wimpy. I've strengthened things a whole lot in the past month, and particularly this week. Ms. Meta, your mix was in the iPod, and helped me push jussssssssst a little bit more 'cause I know you're trying, so it made me try.I got rid of the crutches completely this week. So, thanks to you, once again.

I saw something in the paper this week that really got me going (as in anGRRy) and I sat down and did something I haven't done in a long time: I wrote a letter, on paper, signed it and mailed it. It was a letter to "the Editors" of the newspaper I was reading, something I've done, umm, never. I followed through for once. Someone made me understand that the only way the "other" side of the coin ever gets a voice is for those of us who believe that this country owes us nothing, and that sometimes the right thing might not be the most "popular" thing at the moment. So, thank you Ms. Kristen, for that inspiration. See it here...

I don't know if Ms Nemesis is a reader or not, but something she wrote about inspired me to remember that every little thing we do matters, and no matter how little our contributions are, as long as they're added to the mix, they can help make a difference. If everyone makes even a tiny effort toward a goal, the goal becomes a little easier to achieve. So thanks Ms Nem.

Ms Tammy, you're not only an inspiration, you're a hero. I hope you know that, even though I might not tell you every day. I'll work on that. Thanks for making me feel like a complete wuss if I feel the urge to complain about my nonsense. And that's a good thing. If you haven't had the pleasure, please take a few minutes to visit her blog. "My Life as a Warrior"

I was reminded this week how important my job of "parent" is. Not that I forgot, mind you, no, that's not what I mean. I think what I'm trying to say is that we can do so much in our children's lives by the little things we do. And it's so vital that we remember that things we could very easily overlook are very important to the little People in our lives. And in a day and age where parenting, in many cases, has become a big game of "Pass the Buck", it sure is refreshing to be reminded that "good" parenting isn't a lost art. So thanks Ms. Emily and Ms MammaMia. You guys inspire me to keep up the hard work that comes along with being a parent. Ms. Emily's AOL Journal is here

I was, lastly, inspired by one of the best. She has made a career out of making me feel better. She reminds me that I count, that I actually do matter. She lets the world, once in a while, be all about me. She inspires me to just face the world the best way I know how, and that I owe apologies to no one for just living the life I do. And she does it while dealing with a lot of things in her own life. She keeps a great AOL Journal that you can see here. So thank you, Ms. Cassie, for a lifetime's worth of inspiration. Everyone should have a friend like you.

So why would I write something like this? 'Cause I seem to complain a lot. I know that I come off as surly and grumpy. It's mostly my way of trying to be funny, because I know life isn't really so bad. Humor can make the bad stuff go away, and I think that idiotic behavior brings out the writer in me. But I also want some folks to remember that the things they do matter, and this is just one way to do it.

PS, is it ok to link the blogs of the people I mentioned? If you read it, and see your "name" please say so in the comments, ok?

Thanks. Gotta go to sleep now.


  1. hi jimmy, i totally agree with you that humor can make the bad stuff go away cause you don't let the bad stuff to close to you and don't think about it to much. laughing has always been the best medicine.

    David A. Bednar said something that goes a long with it: "You choose to be offended". i guess humor is your and my way not to be offended by whatever happens.
    thanks a lot for sharing your inspirations. good luck with your physical therapy. it works miracles. i had it last year.

  2. Tammy is very inspiration and I get such a feeling of....comfort from her words.

    Great post Jimmy

  3. jimmy--I'm so honored to be a part of your post.....I'm blushing. (You can highlight my name if you want to.) I'm so glad that you wrote an feels good, doesn't it? Let us know if it gets published.

    I enjoy your blog. You are witty and have a wonderful sense of humor; something so refreshing for me. I too tend to 'complain' a lot, but I see it as a way to laugh at the world and be somewhat cynical (I'm extremely sarcastic, and I sense that you are as well). Because let's be honest: there's so much that goes on in our society that is so backwards; so ridiculous......if we didn't draw attention to it then who would?

  4. Nice to be inspired...nicer to acknowledge those that make it happen.
    Glad you have such good stuff going on...


  5. Thank you Jimmy! No crutches...WooHoo! I recently wrote a Senator and even though I got a canned response it felt good. You don't come off as grumpy to me because your points are valid. I've read your teddy bear side too. I actually stopped by because my blog song is because of you!

    Well, can I use the fishes or not dude? lol

  6. I'm always a fan of getting linked to. Link on! ;)

    Congrats on getting off the crutches!

    Feels good knowing my mix is reminding you to give an extra push. Now you're inspiring me to get to the gym sooner than later. And more often. Keep up the good work!


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