Saturday, March 17, 2007

I Wanna Be's an Expoit

How does one get to be an "Expert"? I've been watching the news on CNN. In the course of presenting the various news stories, CNN has included interviews with a series of people, whom CNN identified as "Experts": Political Expert, Human Resources Expert, Terrorism Expert. (that terrorism expert, what exactly does he do? We'll cover that some other time, ok?)

So I figured out that I have most certainly missed a boat or two in my life.

The Human Resources expert, in a story about "Employee Health, gave us his valuable insight. "Employees make or break a company. Employees can't be relied upon if they're sick or injured."

That's it?

I have so got to get me a job like that. Even I could come up with something like that! Listen: "Employees can't do their jobs if they don't come to work."

How's that? Am I an expert now? Please?


  1. Maybe you can become an expert on pet peeves or something.

  2. Well now we know you don't have to actually KNOW anything to be an expert!! Sign me up too!

  3. I wanna be one too! Dang it, I miss all the fun!


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