Saturday, March 10, 2007


That was, by far, the worst quiz ever posted on the Internet. That's the point. This is the STUPIDsheet.

Most of the info was accurate, but some wasn't.

K. wins a prize for pointing out that the standard shot is 1 1/2 oz.
P. gets a prize for first pointing out that technically the sun doesn't rise. However, from our perspective here on Earth, the sun does rise above the horizon once a day. That's why we call it "sunrise". It is technically unsound, but saying that I was up "at the point where the earth's rotation causes it to face directly toward the Sun" to go fishing, just sounds dumb. So P. you do get a prize, just not a kabillion dollars.

I promise that I will work on a perfectly legitimate Quiz for the next edition, if you'll promise to come back!


  1. I AM NOT TAKING YOUR STUPID QUIZES AGAIN....YOU'Re JUST TRYING TO MAKE US ALL LOOK STUPID..... I don't need you to make me look stupid, I can do THAT myself!
    Thanks Jimmy!(thats sarcastic)

  2. Yay I win a prize!!

    The quiz wasn't completely stupid; just a few errors. I will totally take another quiz if you post one (as long as it makes me feel smarter than the last).

  3. whew! i don't feel so bad anymore ...

  4. Katie6:54 PM

    Aww I like an excuse to be stupid Ha ha!!
    Looking forward to more quizzes!!

  5. I'm in...I don't mind looking stupid sometimes!

    Annie =)

  6. Anonymous1:03 AM

    Bring it on!


  7. Oh yeah, I am in for a quiz from time to time. Who would skip out on all that stupid sheet?


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