Monday, March 19, 2007

Weak in Review

Now this is not, in any way, an entry about the people who might be mentioned in here tonight; they're just the most prime examples I can think of at the moment.

It still bugs me that someone who was once a friend of Antonella Barba's thought it would be cool to release those pictures on the Internet and do some damage. I assume it was a friend, and probably a close one, because you don't typically pose for those kinds of photos with someone you don't like.

And we're getting day-to-day reports about Britney Spears' progress in rehab. There was an article the other day about how she is drinking gallons of Coke per day. We're hearing all kinds of tales about the stuff that's going on inside those walls.

So where is this going?

Whatever happened to loyalty, discretion, valor and honor?

Who the hell is leaking the Britney stories? No wonder she wants to rent out an entire wing of the Center. I just find it a little unsettling. The Courts can't get at some patient records because of Doctor-patient confidentiality rules. Hell, these days, forget the Medical rules, just open the tabloids. You'll get all the info you need.

I guess with the way things are, you'd better watch everything you do. They used to say that if you didn't want your Mother or spouse to see it, you'd better not do it.

Yeah, good advice these days.


  1. that deserves an 'amen'!

    i'm not a britney fan. however, i do feel bad for her. i actually do think that Britney is trying to recover, but how can she when the paparazzi hounding her?

  2. Let's be honest, people who make a decision to allow photographs like that to taken of themselves, have probably also made other poor decisions, like who they choose as their close friends in the first place. Britney also falls into that category; someone who has made a raft of really poor choices about who to call friends and lovers.

  3. It was Antonella's ex boyfriend trying to get his 15 min of fame or payback. It's just wrong! I really disliked that under ground movement joined by Howard Stern to rig American Idol by keeping a bad singer on the show. Shame!


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