Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Big Fat HA!

I haven't posted much about my "weight-loss" program, because I haven't found a way to make it interesting, simple as that. But I'm still at it. At last check, I'm down 947 pounds, or I need a new scale...not sure.

I never have a problem with people who eat healthy, who stay in shape, etc. I just can't stomach the preachy ones. You know the type, they not only control their own diet, they want to dictate yours as well.

My diet isn't chock full of denials. There are some things I won't eat often, but there are few things I won't eat ever. One of my indulgences is a really good cheeseburger. I don't eat them a lot, but I'm always on the hunt for the "perfect" burger.

A few weeks ago, I had to hit the mall with a friend. I love her, but she's one of those holier-than-thou's when it comes to food. Granted, she's got a body to die for, but, well you know. Anyway, we hit a restaurant called Ruby Tuesdays, which I've been told has great burgers. So that's what I ordered. Of course, Ms Body ordered the Turkey Burger, while telling me that I ought to be doing the same. After I told her to be quiet, we ate our respective burgerage. So smug, she is!

Well, as luck would have it, today I caught a clip on the Today show. (how convenient). There was a guy running through the list of restaurant foods that are supposedly good for you. Ruby Tuesday's Turkey Burger was featured, and it was pointed out that someone who chose that sandwich would be better off (fat and calories-wise) to order two (2)Big Mac Sandwiches at McDonalds.

I can not wait to see her again.


  1. LOL...most of the good foods when eating out are pretty bad for you...I think you ate the better burger!

  2. Anonymous11:17 AM

    I've heard the same thing and I love Tuesday Ruby's turkey burger! LOL

  3. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Too funny! I'm on a mission to lose 5 pounds and I bet those darned lean cuisines are worse than your indulgence for cheeseburgers. I may have to rethink this whole diet thing.


  4. I found out a long time ago that turkey burgers usually include the DARK meat and that has fat. That is the only reason people would eat it. I don't have burgers often but when I do, it's pure heaven and they aren't turkey! Anne

  5. Hahaha. "So there" to her! I say that if your diet can't allow for your favoritist foods on occasion, it's doomed to fail. Or, as the husband would say, "if I can't enjoy what I eat in life, do I really want my life to be longer?"

    I lost 30 pounds and still ate french fries on occasion. And chocolate cake. And all normal things. I may have only had half of what I normally would've had, but it's all about making yourself feel as normal as possible, not denying yourself and suffering.

    And, no offense to those who like them, but who in the world wants a turkey burger when the beef's right there?? Mmm, cow.

  6. I hate preachy people too! I try to be careful with what I eat, but when I want something, I eat it! That includes burgers and shakes! Not all the time, mind you, but I will indulge occasionally. I figure I don't drink, smoke or do drugs, so damned if I am going to deny myself a certain food when the desire hits to eat it!
    We don't have a Ruby Tuesday's out here in Cali. I wish we did!

  7. Turkey burger doesn't even sound good. I don't get the whole veggie burger/turkey burger phenomenon. There's no substitution for red meat.

    I hope you rub it in her face....in a nice way of course ;-)

  8. My sister didn't tell me she went out with you for lunch! Ü

    I'm on a very special diet....Eat whatever you want diet! You won't loose weight but you WILL be happy!

    Actually I really am reading a book about diets & addressing the weak parts of your body, so you can loose weight. It is a Holistic approach. It does make sense....but it is taking me too long to read...I must force myself to read this book....I hate reading & I hate diets.
    ; (

  9. Anonymous5:06 PM

    I can't wait to hear her response!! LOL.. probably something like, 'oh, they got it wrong.' I hate to diet, but I getting syched up to join WW soon. Color me hunting for a home liposuction kit. (grin)

    Jackie aka Bamawmn

  10. Anonymous8:25 PM

    LOL I wish I could be a fly on the wall when you tell her... no doubt you'll the saved video clip as proof. Red Robin has good burgers too :)

  11. Anonymous8:45 PM

    The best way to lose weight is not to deprive yourself. Every once in a while, its ok to indulge in a favorite food. 'Course, you gotta do everything in moderation...and exercise (not in moderation) is the key. I know, I know...we all know...
    xoxo ~Myra :)

  12. I saw that same clip this morning. It really made me think! :)
    Love ya babe!

  13. Very interesting about the turkey burger. I'm glad you posted this because I'm always on the look out for what is good for me but I have a hard time following all those tips. I have to work at it and am glad to hear someone else besides me likes a real burger now and again. Hugs and hope ya had a great turkey day!!

  14. Anonymous10:23 PM

    Turkey shmurkey... Moderation is key. I myself follow the Seafood Diet. You know ~ 'I see food and I eat it...'

    The air itself is bad for us, but we still have to breathe deeply once in a while.


  15. Just lol people never know what they put in their bodies.


  16. Tiffany S.12:10 AM

    I also heard that recently...not about Ruby Tuesdays in particular, but the fact that turkey burgers aren't neccessarily any better for you than hamburger meat. And often worse for you. That's quite funny though about Ms. Body thinking she was eating healthy when she really was eating two Big Macs...haha. :)

  17. Anonymous4:45 PM

    "Eat right, excercise, die anyway". (saw that on a t-shirt recently)
    Let's face it, most of the food we consume is contaminated with growth hormone, antibiotics, or pesticides, might as well eat what you want, it's all gonna kill us.

  18. Everything in moderation. I'll soapbox that one forever. It just makes personal, social...heck...global sense! SIRLOIN...with bell pepper, garlic slivers, and onion! On a sesame roll! WITH either M.J. or goat cheese! ANND...really ripe tomato slices (none of that crisp supermarket yeck), a little mayo, and mustard.

    Disclaimer: I happen to make a really mean turkey burger too...hehehe. ;) C.


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