Friday, November 23, 2007

THE Sandwich

Now, I really love Thanksgiving and all, but my favorite part of the whole occasion is the leftovers. My family had its own tradition that I carried forth with me to this day. We would all sit around, stuffed to the gills, barely able to move while we watched football, etc. Just about the time we could all actually breathe without breaking or tearing, Grandma would begin to carve up whatever turkey was left, and the Sandwiches would begin.

It got to the point where the importance of Sandwiches almost (almost) superceded that of the meal. As the family grew, so did the demand for turkey. Eventually, my own Mom began preparing an additional 5 or 6 pound turkey breast specifically cooked for the Sandwiches portion of the evening. We were not about portion control that day.

I don't know of a tradition I cherish more than that one. We'd watch as everyone developed their own tastes and Sandwich style. (I capitalize "Sandwich" out of reverence, by the way)

So every year, the day comes, and the tradition continues. (Aside- I remember spending one Thanksgiving away from the family, and nearly cried when there was no time-slot for Sandwiches after.) This year, I cooked dinner to include Pop. For years, his family gathered at his late Sister's home for T-Day. I used to attend that meal before going to my Mom's for Dinner #2 that day. I did my best to recreate his Sister's menu from those days, down to the stuffed mushrooms. But while I was planning the menu, I was very careful to allow enough turkey for Sandwiches. The meal went well, if I must say so myself, and at 10:30 PM last night, I sat down to the TV with the Stupid Turkey Sandwich in hand.

My own version of THE Sandwich is: white-meat turkey, cranberry sauce and dressing (which we around here call "stuffing", appropriately) on a buttered Kaiser roll with salt and pepper.

So, are there any gluttons out there like me? If so, what's your version of The Sandwich?


  1. Anonymous5:53 PM

    I don't want think about food!

  2. Anonymous6:15 PM

    I love white turkey meat, on white bread (I forgo the wheat just for this occasion), mayo, a thick slice of tomato (salt & peppered), several crunchy romaine lettuce leaves, then the top. thats a Sandwich!
    xoxo ~Myra

  3. Anonymous6:26 PM

    You are so kind to Pop...that is really touching to read about.

    I am boring...I eat so much during the actual meal that I just eat the turkey breast by itself for the rest of the weekend.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Anonymous6:34 PM

    Oh yes... That's what I tell mom, "just give me enough to make a couple sandwiches..." Of course, she gives me enough to have Thanksgiving dinner three times over. I oftentimes end up making a soup as well..

    I just load the turkey, add lettuce, tomato and cheese and presto boingo ~ she's done!

    Glad you enjoyed your holiday!


  5. Lol...that is too funny. I might post about it, but this year, that's ALL we had was "your"...make that MY sandwich.

    With all the packing and all, I just made that big ol' sandwich...with a yam on the side of course.
    And yes, it's the best.

  6. i'm still so stuffed! i was watching the food channel - there's a panini sandwich version that uses leftover thanksgiving food. it looks good.

  7. Anonymous7:25 PM

    OMG! Your sandwich is the same as mine... almost... I do it on white bread... YUM!
    Glad your day went well... oh I want some of those stuffed mushrooms.. my fav :)

  8. Anonymous7:51 PM

    I can't even think of food LOL...

    I cooked for all 7 of us and I made enough to feed us for about a week :)~

    I am lame I just do turkey, mayo, and some fresh squooshy white bread with some salt.

    Love ya you glutton,

  9. Of course I wont call you an idiot!! I completely understand. AND... you made much sense.

    Today I had leftover turkey like three times. I'm turkey'd out. LOL

  10. sounds PERFECT to me. You are right, the leftovers are divine. I think you even enjoy them more. Anne

  11. I ate at my sister's so we didn't take any turkey home. We plan on making our turkey tomorrow. My boys come home from their dad's. I know they'll probably be sick of turkey, but we won't!
    But if I had left over turkey, I would have it hot w/gravy on an open sandwich, if I wasn't on this low carb diet...Ü
    Here's a great tip my sister used, & we'll try it tomorrow. She cooked the turkey up side down most of the time, then turned it right side up the last hour. The white meat stayed moist!

  12. We do the same over in the UK too, except because of the ammount of sprouts we consume, the sports are watched through a haze of gas!
    We use turkey too, but dig out the pickles too, my fav is the turkey covered in piccallili, it's a mustard pickle you get here and very strong tasting. After we've eaten the sandwiches, it's who gonna burst first. It's wise not to burp or fart, just in case ;-)
    PS, Thanks for you advice on my blog.

  13. Hi Jimmy,
    I have to confess, I didn't head home (back East) for Thanksgiving this year. Also, I didn't visit friends ... just felt like having a quiet day at home. Therefore, no big Turkey, no stuffing, no leftovers ...! If I did have a Sandwich, it would include white meat Turkey, a little mayo and cheese on whole wheat bread.

  14. I love turkey sandwiches with gravey!! Glad you had a nice holiday!

  15. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Okay, it is now Saturday evening, and I've had maybe three sandwiches. Bill makes his mother's stuffing each year, as well as a full plate of dressing - that is stuffing inside the bird, and the leftover mix in a separate dish - Damn that was good. Anyway, my sandwich was on white toast, with mayo, white meat, and dressing or stuffing. Salt, too, please. I ate olives and cranberry sauce on the side, and that was good. And then we had pizza tonight, because I seriously won't be able to look at another turkey until next Thanksgiving. I am seriously thankful when we run out of leftovers.

  16. Oh my gosh...literally, just before I sat here to catch up (digest...hehehe), I had my Sandwich. Whole grain bread, buttered (the real deal...Cabot's...none of this margerine junk around here!)on BOTH sides...liberally...white meat turkey (that I've hidden for's a tradition here...hehehe...everyone "hides" their own little bits "for later"), PLENTY of salt and fresh crack pepper (the only time I ever salt anything after cooking...I gotta'), and a HUGE spoon of homemade cranberry relish (ok...the jellied junk will do in an out of town pinch...but there is an understood, and accepted amount of pouting allowed tolerated)on the side. Take a bite of sandwich...followed by a small bite of cranberry relish. Then, and ONLY then may one chew...slowly...hehehe.

    We have the same anticipation here (collective) many dishes prepared to be savoured as leftovers...:::SIGH:::.

    Of course, dessert is pursued as stealthily around here, too...extra pies/cookies baked and hidden. ;) C.

  17. Linda8:03 AM

    I think I am going to have to start a new tradition!! Sounds delicious. Linda

  18. Tiffany S.11:24 PM

    I never did sandwiches, but sometimes my parents would. I always loved it when my mom would use the leftovers to make turkey and rice soup. Oh it was so good! :)

    *P.S.* We call it stuffing too...whether it was cooked inside the bird or not.

  19. My Sandwich is really pretty simple.
    Leftover homemade roll - half buttered and the other half miracle-whipped
    Mix of dark and white meat (I don't like the white, but there's always more of it left, so I intersperse it among the happy dark meat)
    Provolone cheese slice

    And it has to be warmed up for maximum goodness. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a hankering for a Sandwich...

  20. A couple of years I was introduced to a warm turkey sandwich with brie and cranberry sauce on top.

    Have Never Looked Back!

  21. You just made the "Gillen Family West" sammich!
    We buy an extra can of cranberry sauce and make extra rolls (we use the small round white rolls not big Kaiser rolls~you can have more than one sammich that way and not feel like such a glutton) and dressing just for this sammich.
    We also call it a sammich not a sandwhich. We Gillens are wierd and I guess if you enjoy the sammich you are now an honorary Gillen!

    Love ya babe (and Gillen for a holiday!)


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