Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Those Thoughts Again...

I like to think that I'm always thinking (see?). I'm always thirsty for knowledge, and I love to figure out how something works. I also am a big practitioner of trying to understand people's motivations for doing things.

So it all kind of started when I heard a comedian say, "Did you ever notice, if you dial a wrong number, you never get a busy signal?" And it's so true. Some people call those things "ponderances", I don't really have a name for them, and if I did, it would probably be something like "Stupidicities", which I think I've used before.

Anyway, these are some things I've been thinking about.

  • I saw a commercial today, and the spokeswoman claimed that the product is "real food for real women like me." Just made me wonder, have they invented a breed of artificial people that I haven't heard about? I assume once we're born, we're all "real" people. GI Joe doesn't eat.

  • Something else I like to catch on TV is Discovery Channel's "How It's Made". For those not familiar with the premise of the show, it basically gives us tours of manufacturing processes. Kinda cool, but one thing I noticed is, there are a whole lot of manufacturing processes that don't involve people. At least not "real" people. (You think that's who that lady is talking about?)

  • You know who I find scary? People who actually live their lives according to their horoscope. I'm not talking about people who have fun with them, or enjoy the quirky coincidences that can pop up now and then, I'm talking about people who, if their horoscope said "Go stand on Main St. in a chicken suit" would feather up, baby. I actually know a few of those types. The most fun part is listening to them try and convince you that it's all real.


  1. I have general wonderments my self.

    Horoscopes are total hogwash. No one can predict anything like that; I won't get into my reasoning (which involves religious stuff). Having said that, sometimes they're fun to look at, laugh at, smile, and then forget.

  2. My mom always was into stuff like "how things work..." and somehow got ME very into that. I have some of those books on that very subject. Not sure if you've seen them, but they're great. And supposedly, today your horoscope said "go buy some random book and leave like a chicken".


  3. I fear the chicken people...



  4. I love watching "How It's Made" with my son. It is always intersting.
    Love ya babe!!

  5. Anonymous10:12 PM

    I often have such moments of pondering... I end up overanalyzing if I'm not careful!

    I'm not all big into reading my horoscope, but I have always regarded myself as a true scorpio. By the chinese zodiac, I'm a rooster.. and no, I'm not putting on that chicken suit. Not tonight, anyway... ::smile::



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