Thursday, May 17, 2007

Are We?

I remember a time when there was no need for laws governing common sense.

Now we have to pass laws to stop people from doing stupid things.

It started with the seatbelt laws. That one I'm not too sure about since the only one you really hurt by not belting up is you.

And now people cry out against these laws that keep sprouting up, and in protesting, sometimes they prove just how stupid they are.

A NJ town passed an ordinance that forbids smokers from lighting up if there are people under age 18 in the car. Some think it's an invasion of privacy, but how do you really defend that position?

"It's my car, and if I want to poison my kids, I'll do so!"

Sounds kind of silly, right?

Another township wants to pass a ban on texting while driving. A guy being interviewed on the news about the issue protested, "There's no reason I shouldn't be allowed to send text messages while I'm driving. What if I have to tell someone I'm gonna be late?"

Yeah, and imagine how you'd tell them that you're dead 'cause you splattered yourself against a wall while sending that text message.

Now a Long Island town is looking to ban the sale of cough medicines containing dextromethophan. Because teens have been abusing the substance. Because apparently we're too busy texting and smoking to supervise our kids. They showed a kid on a news show recently, who was under the influence of only a relatively small amount of the stuff. You'd pretty much have to be under the influence yourself not to notice that your kid is stewed on this crap.

One mother was interviewed and said, "Well, what am I supposed to do, keep him locked up in the house?"

Nah. Let the government keep him locked up somewhere better. If he survives, that is.

The government wants to protect us, figuring we're too stupid not to kill ourselves. Maybe, for once, they're actually onto something.


  1. I actually just picked up a copy of 'Common Sense', by Thomas Paine. "Society in every state is a blessing, but government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one."

    Those words ring true today. Isn't it funny how the colonists were trying to steer away from the oppression of the British; yet we find ourselves in the same predicament with our current government? So many laws, so MANY taxes--ridiculous.

    I think we have lost sight of what this country truly stands for: freedom. In the words of Patrick Henry: "Give me liberty or give me death!"

  2. I'm with you on the seatbelt thing. It's always irked me beyond measure. If we're going to legistlate something like this then it's just a slippery slope before other intrusions. And on the other end I heard on the news today that somebody (and I don't remember if it was state or national) is pushing to pass a law forbiding the use of images of fallen soldiers without permission of their family....who would do something this rude in the first place?!!

  3. Good grief. I bet the government is really more interested in passing these "laws" to avoid lawsuits in the future. Because we all know that if there's not a law against something, it must be good for us. Like pornography or prostitution or suicide or making your house a giant litter box and refusing to use the toilet in the name of water conservation. And if they didn't tell us it was wrong, it's their fault (and taxpayers have to pay for the fallout of stupids who land themselves in hospitals and rehab programs funded by medicaid, or in jails . . . ). .

    I think it's such crap how the government feels it has to step in because families don't teach kids the things they should know anymore. And I know that not all government programs are junk - but it brings to mind an often repeated idea from LDS church leaders, that we're not about creating and pushing through programs and ideas, we're about helping and teaching and supporting people.

  4. the government is sticking it's nose into places it doesn't belong. and you're right... the only person i hurt if i refuse to wear a belt is me... so who the hell is the government telling me that they know better???? it starts out small, and pretty soon they're making all kinds of decisions for the people, and not necessarily by the people. and people have become so fat and content, they don't even realize what's going on. if they don't wise up soon... it will be too late & democracy will be something they'll teach in school, telling the kids that this was how it USED to be here in america!!

  5. "the only one you really hurt by not belting up is you"

    Actually not so. You have to take into account the people who won't teach their kids to belt up unless there's a fine attached to not doing it. And a passenger thrown forward from the back seat in an accident carries enough force to crack the skull of the person in the seat in front of them. My friend rolled her car and she had a solid black bruise diagonally across her body from the seatbelt - that's how much force would have smashed her around the car as it was rolling if she hadn't been wearing it. I like seatbelt laws, but then we've had them here a lot longer than you guys, so maybe I know more people who've been saved by them.


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