Thursday, May 31, 2007


Well, we're currently underway with the "Click It or Ticket" campaign, because, morons that we are, everything we do has to rhyme-y whyme-y these days, and I'm just waiting for the Sesame Street Public Service Announcements.

I'm not always sure about this whole seatbelt thing, 'cause it makes it harder to get out of the car faster when we get carjacked, but on the other hand, when the maniacs drive themselves off a cliff at 200 mph, at least we can salvage the bodies more quickly.

Of course, truth be told, you can tell when the "Officials" get involved in something. We usually get these mindless campaigns as a result. You know, full well, that the guys in uniform had nothing to do with this, as if there's nothing they'd rather do with their time than sit roadside waiting for Ma and Pa Kettle to blow by unbelted.

The last week or so, I've seen at least ten instances of really aggressive, out-of-control driving, and I think the efforts would be better spent going after the lunatics who think just because their cars are mechanically capable of traveling at 150 mph, then it's just fine and dandy to go ahead and try.

But, the powers that be would rather put our fine officers to work protecting people from themselves rather than each other.

Of course, we'll have to overlook the crowd that absolutely cannot operate a motor vehicle without a cellphone stuck to their heads. Hey, you stick a pacifier in the baby's mouth when you drive, right?

But, we can't waste a perfectly good slogan, now, can we?

"Click It Or Ticket"!



  1. Cheesy slogan, isn't it? We're hearing it out here as well.

    Why don't they put their resources to better use, like oh, say.....catching and deporting illegal aliens?

  2. I'm not sure I like the system and resources could definitely be more effectively used, but it's better than having a car that monitors your actions and tickets your or won't move until you fix the illegality. Big Brother isn't far off, I bet.


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