Saturday, June 02, 2007


It is my opinion that the moral fiber of this country has deteriorated to the point now where it cannot be salvaged. I don't believe we can ever turn things around again.

It is my opinion that Big Business is now completely free to do whatever it wants in its pursuit of money. We have reached the point where the workers and the consumers no longer matter. Outsourcing convinces me of that; incidents like the poisoned pet foods, the toothpaste with DEG loaded into it are just the latest examples of how the bottom line is the only thing that matters. A corporation exists for no other reason than to make money for its stockholders. Read this for another reason I believe this to be true...Read More

It is my opinion that this government is inept at every level. This government simply acts now only when it's caught not doing the job it was supposed to do in the first place. The Hurricane Katrina debacle will stand as a glaring example of that but incidents like the discovery of the sorry state of affairs at Walter Reed Hospital and the utter joke that took place at the Canadian/US border, when a border agent completely disregarded the computer warning to detain Andrew Speaker. Speaker is the jet-setting lawyer who is now confined to a Denver hospital for treatment for XDR Tuberculosis.

And, in my opinion, the whole Andrew Speaker TB incident just futher reinforces my opinion from the first paragraph. The new rule is that there are no rules, and that if you can do something, if you have the money, the wherewithal to do something, then dammit, go right ahead and do what you want. Don't worry one bit about what effect your actions might have on anyone else, and hell, if you're hard pressed afterward, just toss out some "heartfelt apology". Or maybe check into rehab.

Time to call it a night.


  1. I don't blame companies for outsourcing--so many government regulations and ya' blame them? The government needs to stay out; and perhaps worry about things like immigration, our military, and the corruptness within its own organization.

  2. Kristen, yes I do blame them. When they outsource they shaft their own community for a little extra profit. And even when they stay they often demand subsidies and tax cuts from governments in order to do so. Incidentally the US, like all developed nations has an aging population. This means that at point not too far away, there will not be a large enough percentage of the population in the workforce to support the aged care and pensions of those who are not. However, the US enjoys a buffer against this problem that will see the demographic move more slowly than in countries like Japan. And what is that buffer that brings younger people into your country to effect a more balanced demographic? Immigration!

    Jimmy: I so agree on corporations. Ever read the book, 'When corporations rule the world' by David Korten? Not happy reading, but interesting. There are a few eye-opening books out there on how Walmart has conquered the US at the expense of Americans, too. Their strategies are shameless.

  3. The pros of outsourcing far outway the cons. When companies go international, they are able to compete in the competitive market. Outsourcing lowers companies' costs, which actually produce MORE jobs in its native country. It also produces lower costs to the customer, which increases everyone's purchasing power, fueling demand for more and higher quality goods and services. So, if we don't believe in outsourcing, should we shun companies from other countries to come to our own? Studies have shown that insourcing positions in the U.S. are outpacing those outsourced 2 to 1.

    As far as immigration is a drain on our economy. Legal immigration at a steady pace is the only way to go.

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    That doesn't sound new at all, Jimmy.


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