Friday, June 22, 2007

Doctor Doom?

Somewhere out there is the worst doctor in the world. And someone has an appointment with him tomorrow...

Seems a doctor in India thought it would be all kinds of fun-zies to let his son perform a genuine Caesarian section. On a live human. And he filmed it!

The idea was, to get the son into the Guiness book of World Records as the "youngest surgeon." Guess he'd never heard of Doogie Howser, MD.

Doc (the big one) is in a little trouble now.



  1. Wow. If I had been the mother, Doctor and Junior would both be wishing they'd had a lick of sense.

    The insanity.

  2. The guy should be fired. Can we say lawsuit?

  3. I didn't read it fully...but I only need to know if that mom KNEW of this. Was it on the up and up?
    Consumers beware, and all that...

    It's a crazy, CRAZY world I say!



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