Monday, June 25, 2007


I just realized a mistake, or rather, an oversight. One of those meme things was going around, I decided to participate, and then just didn't do it! That stinks, huh?

So, better late than never. The meme was to ask me any three questions you wanted to, and I'd answer them. The only catch was, you had to offer yourself up for questioning on your blog :)

So, without any further nonsense, here we go:

Em, over at "Two Write Hands" asked:

1. What's the matter with the world today? I think the biggest problem now is that we have nearly no self-constraint left, and we're seeing the results of that now. Today it's pretty much, "do what you wanna do" without any concerns about consequences.

2. Do you crack corn? Every third Thursday of the month.

3. Am I supposed to let three people ask me questions now? Yes. Please.

Nancy, over at "NancyLuvsPix" asked:

1) You have to choose the future careers of your children. They will not be able to do anything else but what you choose. What career would you pick for each? Ok for my oldest girl, no doubt, Meteorology, because it's something she has shown an incredible passion for, and that she really has developed an intense interest in. I know pursuing that will challenge her and make her happy. For my son, something that combines his aptitude for computing with his love of video-gaming. He enjoys the computer, and he adores his X-Box, and I think that design would be a lucrative career. For my youngest girl, I'd see her as a chef. Since she was little, she'd sit and watch the cooking shows, completely mesmerized. She promised me that she'd be a chef someday at Applebee's, and make me the ribs I love so much. So, there'd be a little self-interest at play there :)

2) You must choose between marrying a democratic Christian...or a Republican Atheist. Which would you pick? A Republican Atheist. I feel I'd have a better shot talking sense to this one :)

3) What 5 qualities to you admire most and least about yourself? No fair...that's 10 answers! But...
Qualities I admire about myself?

  • I have an eye for beauty. All kinds. You give me a minute, I can find something beautiful about anyone.

  • Empathy, and a willingness to be a good listener. I've actually been able to make myself care about others' problems and concerns.

  • I'm a go-to guy. When the crush is on, and a deadline looms, I'll never say no to lending a hand. I love group projects.

  • I'm technologically adept! I will sit with a broken computer and not get up till it's fixed. I've never thrown in the towel on a computer crisis!

  • I've been told I'm a pleasure to "have on board" by women I've worked for. I don't know if that qualifies as a "quality", but, 5 women bosses, 5 gold-star reviews, I like it!

The Ones I Don't Admire...

  • I procrastinate. Too much.

  • I'm terribly impatient with other motorists. I blame it on learning to drive as a NY City Citizen, but I sure wish I could stop that, now that I don't live there.

  • While I like to think it takes a whole lot to make me angry, I tend not to be very forgiving once I reach that threshold.

  • I'm a sucker. At least once a month I find myself kicking myself in the ass for allowing myself to be used by someone with an agenda or ulterior motive.

  • I hate attention hounds, aka needy people who are too selfish to ever concern themselves with anyone else's lives. They find a way to make everything "about them." Why don't I admire this? You're not supposed to "hate" anyone.

Ok you two, open your entries to others now. And if anyone else should feel moved to indulge me in this opportunity to talk about myself, please, feel free.


  1. Don't feel too bad about your 2nd weakness; I'm impatient with idiot motorists as well ;-)

    And I love the answer 'Republican atheist' and that you could talk more sense into that one. Oh, so true. He/she could always be converted, right?

  2. Thanks for answering...I can tell the answer were well thought out. (And yes, I realize that the last one snuck in some extra!)

    I did, however, forget about that now I must do do it, I will.

    Have a good day,

  3. Ok, have at these Jimmy:
    1. I would like to know the traits of your ideal partner (besides liking boots).

    2. If you had to do an activity outside just for you, what would you do?

    3. Any solutions you have pondered in the middle east?


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