Thursday, June 28, 2007

So, If You Thought Paris was Bad...

I don't usually like absolutes. I typically try to avoid saying something is the best, or the cheapest or whatever because it's opinion and you might think otherwise.

However, today, I can absolutely say that I have seen the worst child in the country. And after you watch this...IF you watch this...I think you will be hard-pressed to convince me otherwise. Enjoy.

Note: I take no responsibility for broken computer monitor screens resulting from fists flying through them, nor any resulting damages from computers being thrown out windows.


  1. I used all my restraint not to smash my monitor. Why would anyone buy a new car for a 15yr old! Yeowsa!

  2. What a Beeyotch!!

  3. Can she even drive at 15?

    I'm not mad at her for being a self-indulgent brat, I'm mad at her idiot mother for raising a self-indulgent brat.

  4. My computer's in pieces, but can function enough to write a response. (I actually saw this on The Soup over the weekend.)

    Holy spoiled rotten little biotch! I second two write hands, but I think we should go after the father too. They should be stripped of their parenting rights. And the daughter should be slapped.

  5. Perhaps SHE's one of the girls who use Paris as a role model?

    Dunno...but it's rather sad.


  6. Oh. my. You know, life is a lot easier as a normal person instead of as a spoiled brat. I was happy to drive my mom's Dodge Caravan around. I see no shame in that!

    You know, at my 16th birthday party my friend showed up slightly drunk and didn't feel well, so he took some pills (advil, I think) and then ate a whole bunch of stuffed jalepenos . . . and then puked all over my driveway. But even that didn't ruin my party.

  7. Oh My Gosh. Wow.
    Teenage hormones + a spoiled child = a terror on two feet. Let all parents beware.

  8. I keep thinking this is a joke. Yes,when I was eleven my father promised me a used 1981 Chevy Camaro but we junked that when I was 12 because the floor boards rotted out. I haven't had a car since and I don't even have a license! Can you imagine? The mother's driving a damn Caravan and she buys this ungrateful, spoiled brat an expensive car? What a brat! I'd have said,"Fine, I wrecked your life? I'll take the car and you can walk everywhere!" Crazy parents!

  9. Jolene12:57 PM

    It seems to me that she has a form of mental illness or anger management issue. I've never seen someone get so upset over something like that. Wow!
    Time to send her off to boarding school!

  10. It's a darn good thing I keep a wastepaper basket by the side of my desk, because I felt the need to hurl.

  11. What's funny is I just happened to see this on My Sweet 16 (No, I do NOT watch it, it was one of those times where you flip through channels and suddenly find yourself wrapped up in a car crash or autopsy, you know, completely involuntary watching.)

    She is SUCH a bitch. Please, please, dear god, kill me if I have anything to do with raising a child like that. I want no part in the embarrassment of being that parent.


  12. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Thats the mothers fault, i feel sorry for the girl she will prob be punched in the face one day...or soon! Cass


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