Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Head Shaker

The Presidential election is one of the most important decisions we make as a nation, right? What scares me is, there are some real lunatics out there who have just as much right to vote as everyone else. That's really unsettling to me.

Tonight I found a comment to a news item that exposed a new depth to me. The article was reporting that Hillary Clinton received boos while giving a speech about the war. I really should know better, but I scrolled to the comments section. I found this comment:

"Any woman who runs for any office has to put up with the slings and arrows of disinchanted males. I believe the Republican party is responsible for the "booing" it is THEIR WAY. They do not have the amunition to fight fairly. Hillary Clinton is a very fine person who will make a great president. She is qualified. OBAMA IS A POSSIBLE MUSLIM ISLAMIC"

Enlighten me, please. What the hell does that last sentence mean? And is it possible to revoke that person's right to vote?

That gave me a headache.


  1. Oh the insanity.....

    Shouldn't people have to pass some sort of test in order to vote in this country? Le't please make it more difficult than filling out your name and address, then signing your name upon voting (I'm in favor of at least a photo ID)

    And not that I'm a fan of Hillary, but she should not be 'booed' because she's a woman running for office. However, if one disagrees with her politics--which is not hard--then some dissenting is acceptable.

  2. I agree with Kristen!


  3. Hey hey! This is how democracy works- you get a vote by existing, not by deserving it.

  4. Crazy....people are just crazy......where do they get this stuff from?

  5. yeah, I often wonder where this stuff comes from, myself. I was left a little speechless with the "OBAMA IS A POSSIBLE MUSLIM ISLAMIC" remark. LOL. Isn't that like me saying "I'm a possible American American"?

  6. hey jimmy,

    i suppose that's why they still have the electorial college. because the powers that be still don't trust the "general" public to make life altering decisions, LOL. i personally think they should abolish it, but, after that little tidbit of info, i'm not quite sure anymore, LOL.


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