Saturday, June 16, 2007


Yeah, Things aren't so smooth out there on the romance horizon these days, huh?

I was driving home with the radio on. They played three songs in a row:

  • Carrie Underwood singing about bashing some cheater's 4x4 to pieces

  • Pink telling some guy that he's outta luck

  • Kelli Clarkson wailing "Never Again"

Now Underwood I'm completely familiar with, and if some yokel cheats on her, it just convinces me that redneck guys really must be stupid.

Can't say I really know much about Pink. Joan Jett and Pat Benatar pretty much cornered the market in "tough chick" rock, so I never paid too much attention before. This song in particular, though, made me wonder. So I checked her out. Now she's blowing some guy off, big time, with that "Just You and Your Hand" tune, so naturally I assumed she was gonna be really hot. Ya know, usually you gotta be smokin' to have that much attitude. I was pretty disappointed, actually. The "hand" might be a better offer, at least for me.

Now this Clarkson tune, "Never Again"; pretty clear what that's about, huh? Again, I was thinking...Clarkson fighting with the record company, telling the world she's never told anyone "I love you" romantically, now she had to cancel her tour because of lousy ticket sales. "Because of You", "Since U Been Gone", "Never Again"...hmm a little extra vinegar in that salad dressing?

Alanis Morissette did the "scorned woman" thing so much better, no? When she blasted off, I kept thinking that whomever dumped her was missing out on something awesome. When Clarkson screams, I keep thinking, "Wow, I'm lucky not to be that guy". She says she never fell in love, but I dunno, you can't make up that kind of emo.

I was actually thinking, "how come guys don't write songs dumping all over women like this?"

Oh yeah...Rap. A whole genré of tunes crappin' on women. Pardon me. Idiot moment.

Then as I pulled into the driveway, Beyoncé's "To The Left" started playing. Quality relationship that must've been if he was replaced in a minute, huh?

I turned the radio off.

I love you.


  1. jimmy--I love your thoughts.

    Seriously, I don't know what's up with Clarkson these days. I have her 2nd album. LOVE it. Her new stuff is just not very appealing. She should have listened to Clive.

  2. And then there's Fiona Apple. She gives Alanis a run for her money with the "lyin' limp in your own hands" line.

  3. Garth Brooks, "I've Got Friends in Low Places".


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