Sunday, June 03, 2007

BBQ or "Grilling"

Ok, hi there! I need to address something.

Nice quiet Sunday, sitting around loafing, watching some Sunday TV. I hit upon the Food Network, and some Lady on there invites her friends over for a BBQ, only she's BBQing homemade pizzas.

You do not BBQ PIZZA!

I have been watching a whole lotta things getting ruined in this country. Tradition is dead. Nothing is sacred anymore! But I cannot sit and allow my most cherished tradition to be killed without putting up at least a little bit of a fight.

The Foo-Foo people are ruining everything with their "designer" beer, bottled spring water and "expressive" cooking. I saw one lady adding crushed hot pepper to chocolate cake mix. That, my friends, is just wrong. It's time to take a stand, and for me, that stand is in front of my BBQ grill.

In these parts, I'm the King of BBQ (and I have the burn scars to prove it!)I am a BBQ Purist. If you come to my place for a BBQ you will find such things as:


Hot Dogs

BBQ Chicken

BBQ ribs

BBQ'd Steaks


sometimes Knockwurst or


Burgers are meant to be served with cheese, ketchup, maybe sliced tomato or onions. Bacon-cheeseburgers don't typically qualify as BBQ food because, if you're an idiot like me and tried throwing bacon on the grill, you know that doesn't work well. But if I see you trying to top my burger with something like "bruschetta", or "chutney", or "mango mayonnaise" (what the heck is that, anyway?), you're gonna get your hand smacked.

Yes Sir, Yes Ma'am, you'll see nothing but traditional BBQ foods when you get the invite over here.

What you won't see on my BBQ are such things as:

because those are not BBQ foods. Those are GRILLED foods, and they are interlopers with no place at the table of a BBQ purist!

You might see

on the tables to snack on. What says "American" more than a handful of potato chips that don't even crunch when you bite them, or pretzels that bend without breaking? You gotta love humidity-enhanced snack foods.

Putting this
on the table just makes me weep.

For the BBQ purist's side dishes, there is a selection of such things as:
Baked beans

Potato salad

Cole slaw

Macaroni salad


is an abomination. They even have a Foo-Foo name..."grilled veggies". Barf. Imagine the look you'd get if you pulled over at one of those Roadside BBQ joints and asked for "a side order of grilled veggies, please?"
You might be leavin' in a big hurry.

Now look, I'm not gonna say that some of those Foo-Foo foods don't taste just fine. I'm sure they do, in the right setting. Foo-Foo grilled foods are why Jenn-Aire invented the indoor grill, because "grilling" is a cooking method.

BBQing is a lifestyle, baby, and one that I'm not ready to let go of just yet. So back off!!!!!!!!


  1. Hmm. This is interesting. I always thought that BBQing required a BBQ sauce. Anything without the sauce was merely grilled. But I agree that cooking vegetables and any kind of fish over an open flame is just WRONG. :)

  2. Never realized BBQ-ing was so technical.

    So, when are you having us over? ;-)

  3. I'll be right over Jimmy, I want the steak. lol

  4. Dang, that potato salad looks GOOD!

  5. Wow - I'd gain a lot of weight on your BBQ diet! My dad cooks everything on the grill during the spring/summer and it's all really great without being all foo foo and gourmet. But it's all really good.

  6. I have to agree with Emily; around here you grill out, cook out, but you don't bbq unless you are actually going to use a zesty, tomato based sauce. The bbq pizza, is merely using said sauce in place of marinara-type sauce. I will agree that anyone who puts a pizza on the outdoor grill needs to be assaulted.

  7. I'm sorry King of the BBQ, but I'm an Australian. BBQ is our national dish. And flamed-grilled Barramundi and vegetables are so good! Plus you have to throw on a prawn or two. ;) Don't US BBQs have a grill on the side? Weird.

    And baked beans? Baked beans? Baked beans go on toast. And that's all.

    However, I am totally with you on the pizza issue. You don't BBQ pizza, ever.

  8. In re: BBQ fish. Yum -- catfish, grilled with a last minute basting of BBQ sauce. Very appropriate.


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