Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Some More Stupid For Ya

I think that people who further their own agendas by publicly airing their most intimate secrets and problems, and do so under the pretenses of "protecting their children", are a damned disgrace.

And then to claim that they have no idea how such things as voice recordings and videotapes made it into the public arena, insult the intelligence of the decent people in the world.

More and more, every day, I am becoming convinced that there is nothing that people won't do for attention and personal gain, that the laws of civility are becoming a thing of the past, and that people like this just flat-out ought to be ashamed of themselves.

God help these kids. Stupid parents have no idea how they hurt their children.


  1. I couldn't help but think of Alec Baldwin here. Talk about a loser parent.

    Like I always say, selective breeding is a good idea.

  2. AMEN. And I see it (almost daily) in my profession and it irks the hell outta me.

    By the way...you MUST have lost my journal links. Ain't that right, Stupid? (sarcasm intended)


  3. I thought Alec Baldwin too lol

    Some people shouldn't be allowed to breed...

    Like my mama always says, you need a licence for a dog, you need a licence to drive, you need a licence to build an addition onto your house... But you don't need a licence to be a parent. What a shame.


  4. Interesting the Alec Baldwin comments, given that your post seemed more aimed at, if anyone, Kim Bassinger.

    I don't nearly approve of what Alec Baldwin said on that message, but I've been surprised at the vehemence of the response. I've heard plenty of parents speak angrily to their children (some much younger than 11) when they are frustrated at long term conflicts, but I rarely hear others suggest they shouldn't be allowed to see their kids anymore as a result.

    Like I said, I'm not condoning his outburst. I just hope all the people saying he 'shouldn't be allowed to breed' have total control over their own temper when it comes to their kids.


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