Monday, May 07, 2007

The Dark Side Survey

I don't do these very often, but this one got my mind going. I also don't usually tag others to do them, but I'm making an exception.

The Dark Side Survey

Imagine that, for some reason, you've now been forced to consider the following:

1. You're forced to choose between one of the following vices. You have to choose, and do, one of them: Smoking, drinking, illicit drugs. Which would be the most acceptable to you? Smoking. It's the only one of the 3 that won't make me loopy, and I can control my intake.

2. You're forced to give up one of these senses: sight or hearing. Which one do you give up? Hearing. If I lost my sight, I'd be forced to give up reading blogs. :) And you can see love even if you can't hear it.

3. Disregarding the previous question, you're only allowed to enjoy one thing from now on :music player (CD, iPod) or DVD player. Which would you keep? DVD player. I love my movies.

4. You have to give up one of these for 3 days: eating or drinking. Which would you choose to do? Eating. I've done it before, and I survived.

5. You have to choose one: perpetual daytime, or perpetual night time. Which one do you think you could live with? Daytime. Nighttime gets creepy.

6. You can only choose one type of treat for life: salty snacks (potato chips, Doritos, etc) or candy. Which one? Salty snacks. I live without candy a lot.

7. Your life partner has to be one of the following: heavy smoker or heavy drinker. Which one? Tough one. I'd have to say drinker. After they pass out you don't have to deal with it.

8. Your life partner also has to be one of the following: Democrat or Republican. Which one could you live with? Republican. I find I'm most compatible with their thought processes.

9. You can only watch one forever: CNN or FOX News Channel. Which one? Fox.

10. You can only have one: a computer or a TV. Which one do you keep? Computer. It's a lot more versatile.

11. You have to live in one of the following places: The Sahara Desert or Antarctica. Where do you do? Sahara. I hate cold.

12. You have to give up one: MySpace or your cellphone. Which one do you keep? Myspace. I'd be too big a hypocrite to do otherwise.

13. You have to do one of the following: create 1000 email surveys or answer 1000 email surveys. Which one? Answer 1000. I like the creativity of some that I've gotten.

Now, the "tag" part. I'm going to choose a few people, just to be a pain in the butt. If you "tag-ees" follow through, leave a note in the comments.







You AOLers can catch it over there. I'll tag some of you, too!


  1. Sure; pick the one-armed bandit ;-) Give me a day or so to get these up on me site. I'm hoping to just copy and paste.....then delete your answers and put mine

  2. I love a meme with grit! I agree with most of yours.

  3. no WAY I could part with my cellphone - how would I survive? LOL

  4. i did it (sort of). thanks for the tag. ;)

  5. Guess what? I found some things that we DON'T have in common on this one. :)

  6. I jumped right in. My answers are already up and running.

  7. btw--mine are up.

  8. I only disagreed with three lol



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