Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Different Isn't Always Better...

I think people who "march to a different drum" are typically fun people, likeable and interesting. I like watching people who do their own thing, who don't always follow the pack. They're usually off in their own world, enjoying themselves, and not bothering anyone.

Then there are people who like to be different, but for what I consider dubious reasons. They are those people who can always be counted on to be the voice of dissent, the contrarian so to speak. They're always the 1 missing from the "4 out of 5 dentists."

They don't do it to be different. They do it to be difficult, to be catered to, to just be a flat-out pain in the ass. They don't like burgers, hot dogs, chicken, so you wind up barbecuing them a rock. The don't like Coke OR Pepsi; they're the ones who watch those channels that you didn't even know existed. You can't go out to dinner with them, because it exhausts you just to watch them dissect the menu; nothing "works for them." Gimme a break.

Now one of those characteristics is fine, it's what makes the world go round. But the ones who make a career out of always being the one to say, "oh not me...", well frankly, they're just pains in the ass, out there doing anything they can to demand extra attention, to cry out for special treatment. They'll find any way possible to disagree with you, and I think it's just annoying.

Why is this touchy to me tonight?

We had an incident recently, where a Mom and kid showed up at a kiddie party we were attending. After only a very short time, the Mom scooped up the kid and headed for the door. See, the party had a "Winnie the Pooh" theme, and "Mom" stated that she "had issues with Disney", and couldn't be a part of this.

This wasn't a KKK meeting folks, it was a child's birthday party.

That's making a statement, "Mom", but probably not the one you'd hoped for. Nope, the message was loud and clear that you, Lady, are an idiot. You made the kid cry, the hostess uncomfortable, and me angry. And Disney has no clue that you even exist. I respect the right to have opinions, blah blah blah, but this was by far the dumbest thing I've been party to in probably my whole life. Lady, get over yourself.(Editor's Note: I don't usually get too prickly about things here in my blog, but fair warning: do not defend this woman to me here in the comment section. It'll really make me mad, and I'll just delete the comment. She's a moron. Real simple.)

It's really succinct. They don't behave that way to have their own parade, they do it to rain on everyone elses. And I'm sick of them.

Ok onward and upward.


  1. jimmy, I am laughing my a** off! Hilarious.

    Who has issues with Disney? I mean, take your grunt out on some other Hollywood idiots and/or companies. But Disney? I'd be curious to know her reasons.

  2. I have a feeling this woman is anti-gay. This is why Christians get a bad rap, people doing stuff like this.

  3. Very sad for that child...
    I can only imagine what else they have to go through.

  4. My mom went on an anti-Disney kick for a while. We lived in the Midwest and she got some kind of a neoChristian newsletter all about how Timon & Pumbaa were gay and how Disney is the spawn of Satan and the like. I disagree with their portraying EVERY family as broken (how many of the classics have two parent, happy families? I can count it on one hand, but I haven't tried too hard), but that's about it.

    Ha! I just remembered my 3rd grade teacher, Mr. Mullins, who stopped "The Little Mermaid" in the middle of the movie. He made sure that we knew that Ursula was evil, and that we couldn't finish the movie because it was Satanic. Even as a 3rd grader I thought the notion was moronic.

    But Winnie the Pooh? Other than the fact that his name is pooh, what's her problem? Does she boycott Halloween because a lot of kids are Disney characters? And what about Valentines Day, when he child will definitely get princess valentines? Her poor kid's going to have issues.

  5. The people though who make a big deal out of how they're just tick me off to no end though. They're not being true to themselves. All they're trying to do is make themselves look superior to everyone around them, but all they accomplish is being rude. They also make it easier to unfairly judge the people who hear their own drum.

  6. I'll be the first to admit that we all have our little quirks that might seem strange to others, but come on!! There is a way to be diplomatic and gracious about your quirks without being awkward or demeaning to others who don't share them.

    Whatever happened to graciousness in society anyway? It seems like loveliness and graciousness have both become things of the past.

  7. And here are my thoughts on the subject. If you are THAT offended by Disney and are going to a child's b-day party (at which there is a VERY good chance there will be a Disney theme of SOME sort) Perhaps you should call ahead and inquire as to the theme before making your own child cry?!!

  8. I can see that kid's future:
    Doc: " And why do you suppose that just the thought of Mickey Mouse causes panic attacks in you? "
    Patient: " Let me tell you about my mother ... "
    I'm with you, Jimmy. This would have infuriated me, too. Tina

  9. I have issues with Disney, the COMPANY, but Winnie the Pooh? He's adorable!!! And so earnest.

    You're so right that her issues had nothing to do with the child's birthday party. She's turning her own opinion into an accusation by acting as if the host had done something wrong, and doing it at the expense of her child. Some people are so selfish. It's not like they were having a terrorist-themed party with a cake in the shape of a bomb. On the bright side the party was probably better in the end than it would have been if she'd stayed. Pity for the kid, though.


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