Saturday, May 05, 2007

Not As Intended

Well I was sitting here tonight watching TV. A commercial came on.

Dibs. If you like ice cream, and you haven't had these little suckas, you're really missing out.

But tonight, the commercial featured two guys in an office, having a snack. One guy was eating Dibs, the other guy a Twinkie. When the Twinkies guy tried Dibs, he wondered what was now going to happen to all the spongecakes in the world, since Dibs was going to blow them away. They showed a stuntman landing in a pile of Twinkies.

So what happened? I had a craving for...

Wonder how the Dibs guys would feel about that?


  1. now ya know, i was just talking to my mom about how we used to freeze those little debbie rolls when i was little and they were so good...i wonder if that holds true for twinkies too??

  2. Lol!
    Maybe they BOTH had "Dibbs" on the commercial!



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