Thursday, May 24, 2007

Gentle Reminders

A situation I'm dealing with has been requiring me to use my home phone number. I get a million calls coming through while I'm calling, mostly "out of area" types. I have the caller ID that works with call waiting, and when I look to see who is beeping through, they're all "out of area", a.k.a. Telemarketers.

Well, today a call from a telemarketer actually showed the number, so I went to the The Do Not Call Registry to file a complaint. Lo and behold, the registration for my home number had expired.

Now if you're like me, you got your number on there as soon as the Registry started. So if you did, you might wanna go take a peek and see when your registration expires.

Hey, consider this my Public Service for the day! That's me, always ready to serve!


  1. I'll be forwarding your consulting fee immediately :-D

  2. Okay, is there a web site that can be checked or something?

  3. Always ready to!


  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I wonered why they started up again. HUGS

  5. I don't even have a landline....I'm just a cell phone user (why pay for an extra line when it's just me?)

  6. JEFF- yeah, if you go to you can verify a registered number, or register a new one. A friend of mine who kinda knows this stuff, said it might be a good idea to register a cellphone number as well.

  7. Thanks....I just got a new cell number & been wanting to add this number....THANK YOU!!!


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