Friday, May 04, 2007

Yay, edumacashun!

Yayyy edumacashun!

We had a little trouble with the literacy police this week, and the perpetrator was an unlikely candidate.

There was a problem in the school lunchroom involving a food fight. The school dean decided to address the issue through a letter sent home to the parents of all the students.

We need to get together and buy a spell-check program for the Dean. Some of the excerpts from the letter included:

  • A reference to the disruption in the "caferteria".

  • A warning that further "misbehaver" would result in offending students
    facing penalties, including a ban from school "activates".

  • The school letter had numerous other grammar and punctuation errors. It is said that the letter wasn't passed by the desk of the school principal, and there was an inference that the letter was dictated to a subordinate who was, let's say, less than skilled.

    Our message?

    Hi Deen, u relly need to be more careful, or your going to definately find urself in a lotta more hot water. You're frends will laff at u and there humor won't be too appeshiated, ryte? R u listening? Dont let the haters bring u down their just jealis. spellchek works and u should try it.


    1. and that's our educational system, folks. pssst, i think the dean wrote it drunk because i can't think of any other excuse. i suppose the secretary did it, but, really???

    2. LOL... you know what's really sad??? this is probably not far from the truth. i'm a pain in the butt when it comes to spelling & i drive folks nuts (not so much on capitalizing, hehe) but i've gotten my best friend & my daughter to use spell check alot more than they did. now they're pains in the butt when it comes to spelling.... yay!!!

    3. I only have use of one hand right now, but I had to comment. What an embarrassment! If anything gets sent home to parents, IT NEEDS TO BE PROOFREAD!!!! Sad thing is, I bet only a handful of parents caught it.

    4. don't you wonder if they READ what they write before they make 500 copies of it to send home?!!


    I love comments. I won't lie about that!