Monday, May 14, 2007

Clear the Dust (poof)

It sure felt like a lot longer than 6 days, but I was going through withdrawals, so time to continue!

So let's see...since I've been gone...

  • Britney Spears has managed to stay out of trouble.

  • Kevin Federline still hasn't gone away

  • Nothing stupid outta Rosie's mouth

  • The Trumps continue

  • "Lost" sucked

  • I still haven't gotten a date with Hilary Swank

  • Some Genuises out in Tennessee thought it would be useful to run a frightening attack drill on some kids, just without telling the kids it was a drill. And they call me stupid

Had a wonderful birthday, courtesy of my kids. My youngest (8) apparently saved up so she could buy Daddy breakfast at our favorite diner. So she, and my other two children went and enjoyed. The funny thing was, she saved up 42 dollars for the event. With tax and tip, the bill was: 42 dollars. Too cute. I was thinking though, that for next year's birthday, we could get every blogger to use the power of the Internet to maybe get me one date with Hilary Swank? (I always type her full name, cause I don't want a date with the presidential hopeful) I don't want to try and marry her, I'd just really like to sit across from her, look at her eyes, see if I could make her laugh, and then go back to the real world with an awesome memory. (I've seen a couple of her movies recently, indulge me, ok?)

I still miss my friend.


  1. Your request (For Hillary S) sounds like that documentary "My date with Drew". It was actually a cute movie. And he got the date in the end!
    Wish I could help fulfill your fantasy...
    But I AM glad your youngest girl did something so incredibly sweet. Makes my heart go pitter pat.


  2. Happy belated birthday Jimmy! That was a very sweet gesture from your daughter.

    Hilary produced "Freedom Writer's" and you need to see it. She looks great and even though it was an easy role, she did a wonderful job!

  3. You never mentioned it was your birthday! Happy B-day. Sounds like it was nice to do breakfast with your kids.

    Wouldn't it be nice to have dinner with a celebrity of our choosing? It could be like 'Win a date with Tad Hamilton' or something. Too many hotties for me to choose from. Geez, where would I start.....

  4. Happy Birthday (a little late)!!! Your daughter sounds like a keeper - cute!

  5. Happy Birthday! And welcome back. Your daughter sounds just precious and she certainly loves her daddy!

  6. Happy Birthday! And kudos to your 8-year-old. I was saving-challenged at that age.

    I'd offer advice on the Hilary Swank thing, but John Cuzack is still ignoring my letters, so I'm not sure how much help it would be.

  7. yah, um, good luck with that! ;-)

  8. Happy late birthday!

    (HAHA, I typed LATER at first!)

    Britney Spears is a tool. So is Lindsay Lohan. I'm so sick and tired of hearing about that in the media.

    I need to find a better media source than the ones I listen to now!

    PS, reading "Freedom Writers'" for a class--GREAT book! HIGHLY recommend it!


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