Friday, May 04, 2007


Al Sharpton led a protest in midtown Manhattan yesterday. He led marchers past the headquarters of some of the major record labels there, looking to have the words "ho" "n----r" and "b---h" removed from recordings.

Sharpton claims it's not censorship, and that the group is really just looking to remove those three words from the rap lexicon.

I applaud the effort, but I think that, realistically, the only way that rappers would be influenced to stop using racist and misogynistic lyrics would be for people to stop buying the music. I'm not sure I see that happening any time soon. People talk and money talks. We all know which one tends to be heard more

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  1. While I don't like those words used in music (or anywhere), I agree with you jimmy. Plus really, I'd have to say that it IS censorship.


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