Friday, November 10, 2006


I'm the living President of the People Who Always Forget Shit Club. I'm always "starting" to do things and getting halfway through before I forget what I was doing.

I constantly leave things and then forget where I put them. And it's not just forgetting things like heating the kitchen by leaving the oven on for 282 years, it's idiot stuff too. Like putting the tea bags in the fridge, but putting the milk in the cupboard. Doesn't that smell awesome after a few days?

And putting stuff on the car roof and forgetting 9 seconds later. You can find my house really easily: just follow the trail of oversized coffee mugs littering the roadway.

And how do you forget your year of birth? I recently got some forms returned to me because I put my date of birth in the year 2006. I might not be much more capable then a 3 month old, but the 6'4 body and facial hair throws things off a little.
Anyway, I started out writing an entry here today, and I was gonna make a list of all the things I forgot, but that would just be silly. So I'm gonna call it quits for the evening before I forget that I have to go to the bathroom, and well, you know...


  1. Oh I so hear you there. And what always drives me nuts is that when I look for ANYTHING the first place I look is the refrigerator. Car keys? Fridge. Cat? Fridge. It's really scary when I actually find something in there! :P
    Lady M

  2. I'll try again here (with the damn comments).

    You are not alone! I have done things just like that where I wonder where the hell I was hiding while I was doing it!
    (even the 2006 for my year of birth).
    Now go that milk and put it where it belongs...

    in the dishwasher.


  3. Jimmy, I found you. Well, at least this journal, I did. That is so funny, because I forget everything too. I call it the CRS syndrome. I'm sure you've heard of it! This was a cute entry, it made me laugh

  4. Lol only you Jimmy, only you.

    I loved this entry. You are too funny for your own good.

    And too smart for your own good.

    Thats it for now. :-p


  5. He he, I do that too. Found my washing powder in the fridge this morning! You have facial hair? Ooh, we like facial hair :o)
    Sara x

  6. I've found out a way to remember things better: turn off the computer. It works. I don't do it often, though.


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