Tuesday, November 07, 2006

We Know Jack

I believe that, slowly but surely, American Business wants to completely eradicate "American" from "American Business".

Or more precisely, eliminate AMERICANS from "American Business". Computers are doing more and more, and increasing numbers of American companies are outsourcing their work to other countries.

Seems as though they don't want to do anything but make money. Nothing else seems to matter. But sometimes it doesn't go quite according to plan.

Recently, I got a quick peek at the Arbitron Ratings for NYC (like the Nielsen's, except for Radio stations).

In 21st place, with a rating of 1.5 share is a little station called Jack-FM. It used to be CBS 101.1, Home of The Oldies.

The old format was hosted by some of the premiere radio personalities from Rock and Roll's early days, and they played oldies, including a weekend doo-wopp show. It was kind of fun to tune in and hear blasts-from-the-past, and the voices matched the ones I grew up with, people like Dan Ingram and "Cousin Bruce" Morrow.

Then the Overlords at the parent company decided to go with a new format, and along with the music change (to a contemporary "mix") they did away with DJ's altogether. No voices, no personalities, just pre-programmed music, day to day. Some engineer pops a switch, and away it goes.

I think everything in this country is losing its soul. There is so little thought behind anything anymore, and tradition has no bearing on things we used to cherish. There is a total disregard for so many things that made us the country we are.

That 1.5 share I mentioned showed a downturn of 1.9 from the year before the change-over.


Soul-less bastards. I hope they go to 0.

How long before all those clubs we go to decide that DJ's have no place there, either.

Jack-FM. Apparently they don't know jack. And they have a cheesy website, too. Might wanna take a look while they're still in business. http://www.ilikejack.com/

I don't like Jack.

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  1. This all saddens me. And not to sound trite, but I completely agree.
    Hey...you're talking to a girl who kissed cousin Brucie...yup...right on the lips....in a nice Uncle kinda way.



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