Monday, November 20, 2006


I take medicine when I need it.

I eat fruit and vegetables.

I don't self-diagnose illnesses. That's not only dangerous to me, it can hurt a lot of those around me if I'm wrong and spread something awful.

I'm still not amazed by things like cell-phone prices, salads or pop tunes. I figure when my brain gets to the point where it's that easily "amazed", I'll cash in that "get a life" coupon.

I think it's a great testimony to the US when you see people in various countries around the world lining up for days to get food to feed their families, and in this country you see people lining up for days to get a PlayStation 3.



  1. Americans would wait in line for days for a bag of rice if they thought they could sell it on ebay for a 1500% mark-up.

  2. I think it's ridiculous the big deal that is being made over those stupid Playstations! My son is selling one on Ebay for 1500.00. Good for him, but still ridiculous!



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