Monday, November 06, 2006

Yeah, But...

I don't enjoy writing about anything remotely political. Politics is a boring topic to me because I'm not going to change your mind, and you're not going to change mine. Especially if you resort to anything other than intelligent reasoning to make your point.

The people who actually know something about politics don't run for office.

Extremists bore me. They're usually full of shit, and when pressed for facts, respond by simply yelling louder. They don't deliver. They annoy.

People who preach hatred in the name of religion have missed the point.

People who tell me they're smarter than I am simply because I don't agree with them make me laugh.

The uninformed "Expert" is pitiful.

People who shit all over the opposition, but don't offer any practical solution of their own, are just silly. And pretty much useless to the political process.

And I'll say this until I am blue in the face: Don't tell me why I shouldn't vote for someone. Tell me why I should vote for you. Otherwise you're simply trying to sell yourself as the lesser of 2 evils.

Oh,and in my opinion, people who scream about the political state of the nation, but who don't vote, should just shut up. Simple, right?

And speaking of "shut up"...

the European Union doesn't think Saddam Hussein should be put to death. Right or wrong, I don't give a shit about 1 thing the European Union has to say. Just my opinion.


  1. I like hanging out in the middle lane most of the time. That way I avoid the extremes of too fast or too slow.

    Politics IS boring. Everyone has a bias of some kind. Once upon a time, do you remember when the news actually presented factual information without the news anchor making a face? Or presented the facts and not carefully worded OPINIONS to pass off as facts?

    Yeah, let us all feel sorry for Hussein and give him a life sentence in a cushy prison. Bwahahaha.

    See ya, Jimmy!


  2. I agree with every single word of this entry.

  3. You get a double bravo today, sir. For this and for your post on Bill Maher, the only person I've ever listened to who can make me think twice about being a liberal for just not wanting to be in the same boat as him.

  4. Okay, well, I'm really political (I just try and keep it out of my blog for the sake of keeping peace lol) but I do agree with everything you said. People, all those people, annoy the hell out of me. It'd be so much easier if truly intellectual people with their heads on straight could have a decent conversation and compromise (::gasp:: a word never used in politics) on things.

    Oh and honestly, I really don't understand how ANYONE can have a problem with Saddam dead. Really. He's a monster.


  5. Anonymous12:12 AM

    ::cheering and clapping::

    RIGHT ON!!!

    I agree with everything you wrote. An awesome entry!



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