Monday, November 06, 2006

Thoughts for a Monday

If you're going to appear on a national news broadcast for an interview, unless you are a professional athlete, lose the baseball cap. And maybe take a shave. And put a shirt on.

Speaking of professional athletes, how 'bout this Terrell Owens?

He caught a lot of flack for this little post-touchdown celebration on Sunday.

I don't think it's right that he got smacked for this. It's only fitting that he go to sleep during a game. Serves him right for putting us to sleep each week with his mundane performances. He's currently 13th on the receiver's list, and he drops more passes than I do, only no one calls me a professional athlete.

He forgets that in order to act like a superstar, you should first perform like a superstar, no? Nowadays, it seems like these guys think that if they call themselves stars, they are stars. When do we say "enough" ?

I had one of those moments yesterday, where you start randomly clicking on links. I wound up on an Ebay page where they're auctioning off these "Elmo TMX" dolls. These folks are selling these toys for $150-200 bucks. I think they originally retailed for 49 bucks, but the thing is apparently in short supply. So these Ebayers are offering them at ridiculous premiums.

I know it's a free country, supply and demand rules apply and all, but, I dunno, just seems slimy to me to hack people for such a big chunk of cash. They bought these toys up just to mark 'em up. Elmo is a kids' toy.

I dunno, just seems wrong to me.

Television shows some signs of maybe graduating from the 3rd grade! Some of these shows are pretty intellectually stimulating...Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, The Class, Brothers and Sisters...pretty good stuff. There might be some hope, although I see shows like ABC's The Bachelor and MTV's Yo Momma are still out there to torture my brain... But, at least it seems as though Omarosa's 15 minutes seem to have lapsed.

How sad is it that the state of politics in this country is so miserable that the general attitude toward national elections is "let's get it over with"? These folks running for office seem to have been taught that the road to office needs to be paved with bullshit. It's the worst "Reality Show" of the year. but the scary thing is, this show actually affects our lives long after the TV is turned off.

Oh and it's time for a "NICE" update...I recently mentioned that the word "nice", when used as a catch-phrase, may soon replace "amazing" as the next over-and-misused word in the vernacular. It's showing up in advertising more frequently, and we all know that advertising dictates our lives. Here are the latest commercials featuring my new favorite:
  • Febreze Noticeables (folks notice the sweet smell of Febreze, and all exclaim "nice!"
  • Verizon Wireless (guy explains the new Motorola phones, customer exclaims "nice!"
  • Taco Bell (three folks sitting around making up words..."scruncheezy". Woman exclaims "nice!")
  • Bud Light (guy announces he's installed rubber floors, bounces beer off said floor, his buddy exclaims "nice!")

Just a little trend-setter news from your pal Stupid.


  1. As a South Jersey girl, I've been over TO since he was here with the Eagles. He talks alot of smack, but at least when he was here - he delivered. I feel bad for the Cowboys for choosing to take him & having to deal with his antics, minus any real delivery of the goods - yeah right! This IS Dallas we are talkin bout!

  2. BLAH finally dug up your link! ::grumbles to self about not saving it::

    I agree, with everything. For some reason that doesn't shock me lol

    ::saves link to blog::
    There :o)


  3. Anonymous10:31 PM

    "nice" entry!


  4. It's nice to get a man's perspective...

  5. Anonymous10:53 PM

    I commented on your other blog first before seeing this one. (Hope you don't mind). This must be quite the hobby for you.

    So, does your profession deal with relationships or something? Or is it just an obsession? I only ask because of all the links/commentary on 'why men aren't interested....' ;)

  6. A little bit of this, that, and the other well-said by you, as always. Egads, I almost typed, "Nice job, Jimmy." ::sigh:: I overuse words all the time.



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