Thursday, November 02, 2006


Pondering things here lately...pondering is different from rambling for me because it just requires more thought.

I'm not a prude. I have a foul mouth when I have to, and sometimes even when I don't have to. I try to maintain some respect for my fellow humans, but sometimes it just slips.

Having said that, I saw a kid, probably 15, walking toward the school bus stop one recent morning wearing a t-shirt that said "F*CK OFF!" in big white letters on the front.

It's kind of funny: the kid will probably get sent home, or told to zipper up his hoodie to cover that up. And somewhere, someone would fight to the death defending his right to "express himself". Yet we find prayer in the classroom offensive and would fight to keep that out. This isn't a political statement. I'm just wondering when we crossed that line where "F*CK OFF" is acceptable "self-expression", and a prayer is offensive.


  1. Sadly the child probably won't get sent home...I got out of teaching a while back for a reason..he'll get a butt powdering..maybe a warning...I shudder to think what would have happend to me in school had I been caught saying the "F" word, much less wearing it..back then there was no defense and a swift kick in the sit down at school and at home equaled punishment worthy of child services only they weren't around back then either... :)

  2. It's a sign of age, my friend. We didn't know we had it so good, did we?

  3. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Yes. and when did it become acceptable for minors to walk around half naked with their blouses so high and their jeans so low. And Who's supposed to bless America? Not much is making sense these days.

  4. When society decided we needed to be politically correct about every single situation...that's when it started. Madelyn Murray O'Hare was a big instigator in the removal of prayer from school. ::muttering a bad word thinking about her:: I take great delight in knowing that my kids' school district kept right on with prayers. ::big smile:: Not even a private school, either. The coaches and such just decided that if they wanted to say prayers that they were going to. And they did. Oh, how I love people who are willing to take chances.

    No kid of mine would own a shirt like that, let alone wear it. And it isn't because I don't say that word (well, not in front of kids). I say it a lot sometimes. But until my kids are out on their own and providing for themselves, my rules rule. I guess one thing that makes me feel like I didn't screw them up is that neither one of them would even want a shirt that says that.

    Why do I blab so much in your blog? ::running away all embarrassed::


  5. I had a homeroom teacher my SENIOR year of HS want to put TAPE over the word "ass" on my shirt. I was 18 years old and told to put tape over my shirt. Now, it was a South Park shirt. I was not the first person to have, nor wear this shirt to school. It said "Kick ass Dude!"

    No other administrators or faculty found it inappropriate or offensive. But she did. No, I did not put tape over the word ASS when a fellow classmate IN that homeroom wasn't being "scolded" for having a Worship the Anti-Christ t-shirt on the same day I did.

    I do own a t-shirt with several "F" words printed on it, however I do not wear it in public. I show it to people who I know won't be offended by it. Online or in my home LOL

    As far prayer in school goes No one ever had an issue with people praying openly in my school, they didn't want it broadcasted over the loudspeaker for the entire school to hear.

  6. Anonymous1:14 AM

    dont forget to remind people to send the sclu christmas cards! cass


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