Tuesday, November 28, 2006


A single father is at the mercy of a lot of people and a lot of businesses. Businesses are particularly merciless. And toy companies in particular particular.
Nasty rotten sons-a-you-know-whats.
They ship catalogues. Kids see catalogues. Kids pick things out of the catalogues. Daddy is very careful this year to make sure kids (under 10) get their letters to Santa done very early.
Kids put things from catalogues onto Santa Letters.
Sears Wishbook is specifically printed for Christmas shopping. Nothing more. They put it out to help daddies get the right presents for kiddos after daddies show Wishbook to kiddos to make their Wishlists up for Santa-Daddy.
Scum that runs Sears must have stocked only 1 of every item in Wishbook catalogue, because when Daddy in Question went to website, nice and early, they were out of stock on every single item that Daddy's 3 kids put on their wishlists.
It is November 28th. They are out of stock on nearly every item I looked up.
I hope that Sears goes into Chapter 7 Bankruptcy before Sears gets to print another Wishbook full of items that Sears advertises, but does not stock.
That's a horrible way to do business, particularly where single Daddies are concerned.
We love JC Penney.
JC Penney had every single item that Daddy was not able to find at Sears.com/toys. Daddy will never, ever, ever shop at Sears.com again.
They are mean.
They are grinches.
I really had to struggle with this entry. I learned that someone very respectable doesn't really care for foul language, and I tried really hard to keep this clean in the spirit of Christmas.
So Stupid will stick to not calling Sears and Co. all sorts of bad names.
But I still dislike them very much and I really look forward to them filing Chapter 7.
Not Merry Christmas to them.


  1. LOL! I just love the way you get your point across, and so eloquently! :)

  2. Anonymous9:41 AM

    thats crazy, them bass turds.
    lol, hey I didn't cuss.

    Hope you have a very Merry Christmas even with out sears...


  3. Yay for no foul language. I at least appreciate that. Sorry about the Sears experience. Have you tried overstock.com and places like that?

  4. Love the way you think, Jimmy. I'm on board! lol

  5. Hi Jimmy~Sounds like Sears has gone downhill! When I was a kid we used to pick stuff from that catalogue. so much for goodwill toward all. I think I will have to write another poem about my love/hate relationhip with holidays! ;-) Sassy

  6. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Maybe they should go back to using the Sears catalogue in outhouses???? That's about what it's worth these days?



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