Sunday, August 05, 2007


Let's See How My Predictions Play Out, Summer 2007

I was always a big fan of time-capsule type stuff, so I consented to this meme. If you do it too, post a link in the comments!

1. Who do you think will be elected President in 2008?

Barack Obama

2. What Baseball team will win the 2007 World Series?

Gotta go with my heart...the Cleveland Indians

3. This time next year, do you think you'll still be keeping a Blog/Journal?

I hope to.

4. Do you plan on being heavier, thinner or about the same weight in 1 year?

About the same, I guess. Hopefully a little thinner, though.

5. On December 31st, 2007 will you be able to look back and say you kept any of your New Year's Resolutions?

I sure will be.

6. What is currently your favorite TV show, and will it be around in a year?

My favorite shows are already "gone", they're in syndication, so I'm watching repeats now!

7. Will you have completed a planned major life change (education, degree, marriage, birth) within a year from now?

If I stay on track, yes! I'm working on it now!

8. Who is the most likely to make a turnaround in the year to come?
a. Britney Spears

b. Paris Hilton

c. Lindsay Lohan

d. None of the above

Unfortunately, I'm going with d.

9. What would you like to see different in you this time next year?

I'd like to be less of a physical wreck, but we'll see. Walking would be nice!

10. Do you think the US economy will be better or worse this time next year?

I'm going to say better.

11. Do you think US gas prices will be higher or lower in July 2008?

Lower. I think this will all wash out within a year.

12. What's something you haven't tried that you want to within a year?

Visit Indiana.

13. If you could talk to the 2008 "You" right now, what do you think would be the first thing that "you" would say to you now?

"Unfortunately, pal, you're still a nitwit."

14. What public figure would you hope to be seeing less of in a year? How about more of?

1. Paris Hilton

2. Rudy Giuiliani

15. Will the next American Idol be a male or a female?

Time for a guy!

16. Make a small resolution now, post it. Come back in a year and see how you did.

I'd like to get my muscles back to pre-injury form! I've been working out...we'll see.

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