Friday, August 31, 2007


I can't say that I believe in ghosts, at least not in the "supernatural" sense, like poltergeists and such. I do believe that our souls experience some sort of life continuation after our bodies call it a day, but as far as hauntings and things like that go, I am definitely a Doubting Thomas Stupid. I mean think about it, if a soul is freed of its physical boundaries, could be anywhere it wanted to be without limit, how reasonable would it be for it to hang around my apartment knocking bottles off the shelves?

I will state that I believe in Guardian Angels. There is simply no other explanation for the fact that I am alive. However, I don't think throwing a clock across the room fits that job description.

But I just wonder about something. Given my doubts and reasonable certainty that souls don't become spirits, I would say I'm in the company of a lot of other people who also don't "believe in Ghosts". I'm not the only Doubter, I'm sure.

Just suppose however, that one night you walked into your dark living room, and there, before your eyes, was a genuine spook. An apparition floating in the middle of the room, doing whatever ghosts are supposed to do. You're alone, naturally, and no one is there to witness it, so you're on your own as far as making up your mind as to what you see.

And just like that, the vision is gone. What would you do? Would you convince yourself that it was some unexplained physical phenomenon? Or would you accept that something you doubted so long actually exists?

Or would you do like me, and just run back into the bedroom and hide under the blanket?


  1. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Ok, so maybe I'm in the minority...but I have seen a ghost!! I was 8 years old, my grandma's back yard, a bunch of my was kinda floating off the ground...we ran inside to tell our grandma cuz she wasn't afraid of no one, let alone a supernatural being...she went outside, nothing!! To this day, we talk about it, and the memory is still as fresh as if it happened yesterday!!

  2. Definitely under the blanket.

    My mum had a ghostly experience a few months back where a 'lady' seemed to stop her from getting out of bed. It wasn't forcing her to stay, but was more like a hand on her chest warning her to stay. It was not scary to her. In fact she felt protected, calmed. After a while it left and she was able to rise normally. Knowing my mother's health, I had to wonder if somehow her heart needed her not to exert herself just then.

    The thing is, while she was relating this to me in a quiet 'hey I had an interesting experience' tone, I was COMPLETELY FREAKED OUT. It made me realise just how much I DON'T want to see a ghost/spirit. And yet Medium is one of my all time favourite shows...go figure.

  3. I'm a believer AND I'd hide under the covers too. Been there, done that. Wish I wasn't so afraid because they weren't "threatening".....just freaked me out.


  4. I've never seen a ghost, personally, but I keep my mind open to the fact that they just may exist. In fact I believe IN them, more than I don't. I believe in Angels too..

  5. Um... I've been there, done that. Only I was touched and spoken too, happened when I was home alone, of course. I sat on the porch until my mom got home. I wouldn't go back inside alone lol... It's really scary the first few times it happens... After that, idk, just get used to it. (It happened a lot in my old house.) I seem to attract it lol... Not too happy about that... There's a reason I don't really talk about it. People think you're nuts or a drama queen lol...


  6. Anonymous7:35 PM

    I would just not think about it like all the other inexplicable things I've experienced. If I thought about it all I'd have to hide under the blanket way too often. It just is whatever it is. How's that?
    Martha :-)

  7. Angie9:42 PM

    I believe there is something more after your dead. I'm not sure about ghosts. Seems a lot of people have witness such things, so I guess if I did see one, AND I wasn't on any sleep aids I would believe my eyes...THEN run and hide under my blankie :)

  8. My mom died when I was 18. When I went to bed the night I was told she was gone, I had my eyes closed, and was saying my prayers, when something made me open my eyes. Just a feeling I wasn't even fully conscious of, if that makes any sense.

    There was a huge white luminous ...blob of light, with my mom's hair. It was so weird. The only way I could tell it was Mom was the shape of the hairstyle. I couldn't see any features, just white light.

    I closed my eyes, turned away and said, "Mom I can NOT handle this right now. Please go." I opened my eyes, and she was gone. That was 25 years ago, and I can still remember it as distinctly as if it were yesterday. That's how much it freaked me out.

  9. Hello, Jimmy! Think I forgot about you? Nah, never gonna happen!

    I believe in ghosts. I have known too many truly sane and rational folks who have had experiences with ghosts. And, yes, things got rearranged in rooms, etc., by ghosts. Each story my friends have regaled me with has given me goosebumps. Even my hubby grew up in a house that had a ghost (believed to be the mother of a young girl who had killed herself) dwelling inside it. He and his family speak so matter-of-factly about the ghost and the things she did. It freaks me out. I would move out of any house I lived in if it was haunted by an unsettled spirit like that.

    Oh, do the visits from my late father count as ghostly visits? Yes, Jimmy, he has visited me. There are no mistakes about it.

    But he does not throw anything or rearrange knick knacks. He just leaves the unmistakable scent of his cologne or soap and has sat on the edge of my bed (almost causing me to roll off the side).

    I hope you have a fabulous Labor Day weekend, my friend.


  10. i'm with you - i'm all for hiding under the the corner of the closet if at all possible

  11. Anonymous5:52 AM

    I'd put down the whiskey bottle.

    ~Terry Ü

  12. I've heard a lot about this kind of thing recently. Interesting. I guess I have my theories and beliefs but it's probably too much to go into here. A spirit that inspired that protected, calm feeling Chosha described is the kind of spirit I would try to trust. The instinct to run and hide is another feeling I would try to trust if I ever encountered a spirit.

    I think our instincts deserve more weight than sometimes we like to give them.

  13. Anonymous7:12 PM

    My best friends house is totally haunted. And I've had a few experiences, too. I think they do come to visit. Guardian Angels are definitely with us. I'm not emotionally open to visitations. So I don't have many. And yep...I'd be hiding under the covers right there with ya!! LOL!
    Have a great weekend.

  14. I haven't seen a ghost, but I have seen evidence that makes me believe they do exist. I believe it is possible there are many dimensions of life and to me anything is possible even if it seems that it cannot be. Luv ya!

  15. Anonymous10:35 PM

    There are actually very few things that I DON'T believe in. Well, there's war and violence and the other evil things in life of course, but I believe that just about anything is possible. I do believe I have seen a ghost. It's a long story, but she was quite there, and then she wasn't. I was never given the "proof" I needed, but I cannot say that she wasn't, so I choose to believe she was.

    And I do believe in angels...

    Some things I know.


  16. I'd hide if it was not my gramy Margie. I believe in spirits but I'm just not sure what they are.

  17. I believe in ghosts. I too had an experience with something, while staying at a hotel. It freaked me out and had me thinking about it for days. I probably shoul've run or hightailed it out of there.



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