Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I ran across a simple concept in the textbook I am reading. There is actually a rule in the securities industry that states if you advertise a good or service as "free", it has to be offered completely without conditions, as in, no strings attached. Period.

It's actually true for the securities industry, and the industry toes the line.

Why hasn't every industry adopted the no-strings-attached guideline on "free" offers? (Free credit report, anyone?)

I would like to wake up someday before I die, and not see one example of people getting hosed. It doesn't have to be a permanent thing. Doesn't even have to be fact, I just would like to go through the day one time without seeing someone walking around with wool-covered eyes.

A friend wrote about a run-in with a retailer. And it really can be annoying. Drug companies advertise medicines that have a longer list of side-effects than benefits, so much so that the commercials are cut into two parts, telling you how it can work on you, and telling you how it can hurt you, and I notice part 2 is commonly getting to be the longer portion.

I actually read the disclaimers to one site's price guarantees, and it made me think about the amount of lawyer-time that went into creating the 10,000 loopholes. And of course, the cost. I wonder if it just wouldn't be cheaper to lower the prices?

Or just advertise truthfully?

What do you think? Suppose all the prices of things went up a tad, but there were no more loophole-filled policies. Could you deal with it?

While you ponder that, I'm gonna try and get me a free $500 gift card somewhere.


  1. Anonymous11:39 AM

    this would be nice Jimmy, but will we ever see it in our day...there's nothing free except the air we breathe...kbear

  2. This disgusts me. You're so right - "free" things should be free. Often, even rebates are crap offers, especially if you buy in multiples and there's a limit of one rebate per address. Sadly there are too many money-hoarding, scheming, swindling bastards out there, and they aren't likely to become extinct any time soon.

    I also hate how I can't buy anything for a quarter anymore. When I was a kid, quarters were the currency of choice.

  3. It's all about money, getting ours. I can remember when there were free things; not any more, unless, as kbear said, it's the air we breathe.

  4. No such thing as a free lunch. Everything has a string attached. Many times it's a gimmick to get people hooked in. What gets me are those 'free checks' that often come with my credit card statement. Sure, let me write a check for some 'free' money while you charge me 25% interest. I can't believe people actually fall for those, or even think those are good options.

  5. I cannot tell you how often I have thought to myself, as a medication commercial is running down the side-effects, 'man, I'd rather just deal with... (whatever the medical condition is'. Its just ridiculous. Good post.

  6. Absolutely! I would be willing to pay more to not be screwed or misled in any way. I'd even pay for relationships that offer that too!

    I'm drawn to "Saturn's" approach for this very reason. (This is the price...anywhere ya go.)

    So what will it cost for a no nonsense friendship? I'm buyin'


  7. Good luck on trying to get that FREE $500 gift card. Let me know if you find it.


  8. Anne/ksquester11:47 PM

    They have to list side-effects right down to death because of lawsuits. Have you bought a ladder recently? It's covered with loop-hole writing because some idiot fell off a ladder and then sued the company. Want something free? Go to Sams or Costco and get the free samples and then try not to buy them. (Meet me by the cheesecake section, then we'll go for some of the free wine samples) Anne

  9. Anonymous6:45 AM

    ahhh free would be nice but I've learned nothing is free. A hosefree day. LOL now that would be a magical day!

  10. Anonymous9:39 AM

    while youre at it, get me a free 500 gift card too, hehehe. so true jimmy....not even sure why people buy the free line, LOL netti

  11. Anonymous7:42 PM

    free gift cards...if only there were such things, huh?
    nothing is free anymore huh?


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