Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Flattery Works Sometimes

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketIt's nice to know that sometimes what you do matters or makes a difference now and then, ya know?

Someone thinks ol' Stupid is funny! Mammamia over at "Thank Heavens For Little Boys" decided to award me the "Smirk Instigator Award" today. Thanks so much.

The way this award works:

* Add the Award graphic to your sidebar.

* Nominate up to 3 bloggers whose entries you read on a regular basis that consistently leave you with a lingering smile (and maybe a little snicker too!).

* Don't forget to leave an explanation as to why you're awarding them the Smirk Instigator Award!

* Don't forget to leave a courtesy link back to Tusk's original post (even if it's a link through the award graphic)

So now, my nominations for Smirk Awards...

  1. Mary over at Just Mary who gets me grinning a whole lot with her clever stuff.

  2. A reciprocal award back to Mammamia because she writes some of the things that make blog-reading a happy event now and then.

  3. One of my favorite "reads for a smile" is Jaime, over at ChasenKids. She writes with a style all her own, and when she's in the mood to make you smile, look out. I love intelligent humor!

Mamma, thank you so much. That really made my night.


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