Thursday, August 02, 2007

Jimmy Come Stupid

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThat is a Betamax machine. I owned one of those.

That's just the first in a long line of Stupid Purchases I have made in my life. If I'd have been alive sooner, you can bet I'd have been the proud owner of a Ford Edsel, too. I have this incredibly accurate talent for buying products that are destined to be on the "discontinued" list.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThink I'm kidding? I have a Sega Dreamcast. The week after I got my apartment, I shopped for things for the kids to play with, and that was a proud achievement. The week after that, Sega didn't only announce that they were discontinuing it, they published that info for all the world to see what a dope I am.

I had a laser disc player. The one with the 12-inch discs, and the 12 month lifespan.

I remember buying a Chevrolet Celebrity because I thought it was cool. Oh, about a month later, the local Livery service equipped its fleet with 25 of those. I mean, what woman doesn't swoon over being picked up in A TAXI?

I bought a fancy TV about 45 minutes before the stores started selling HDTV.

I developed an incredible liking for such things as Drake's Frosty Devils and Creme Cups. Never heard of them? Yeah...

The list is endless. 8-track tape players, Commodore 64, Apple IIgs. I just don't think we need this entry to be endless. You just might want to pray that I don't like your Blog, ok?


  1. Hey, no more comment moderation? I bet the last entry kinda wore you out....

    I think we all own things that go out of style. One word: 80s. It's sad when I have to explain to my students what a cassette tape is.

    I don't have HD either; I bought mine before it became really popular (I was told it would take longer for it to catch on, etc). Oh well....HD, Smaich-D (sp?)

  2. LOL, I got so many emails and stuff that said the comment thing wasn't working, I'm trying to figure out what could be wrong. It's part of the geek in me to make me want to figure it out.

  3. Kristen is right about the 80s. I'll never forget that scene in The Wedding Singer when Drew Barrymore's boyfriend comes in with this enormous cd player that he paid some ridiculous amount for. That has been me WAY more often than I'd like to admit.


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