Sunday, August 05, 2007

Stupid Almighty

There will be no pictures on this entry. There will be no pictures because the site where I host my pictures is down for maintenance. I decided to take a break from my current educational process because the site from which I get my testing materials is down for maintenance. During my break, I intended to sit and catch a movie on Comcast OnDemand, but they're having problems, and the OnDemand service is down for maintenance.

I remember the movie "Bruce Almighty", and laughing because the main character reminded me a little of me, always complaining that someone was out to get me whenever something would go ridiculously wrong.

Now I don't believe that any Higher Power is out to make my life miserable. I do, however, remember someone once saying, "You're not paranoid if they really are out to get you."

My problem, really, is this incredible sense of bad timing. I get to the 24 hour store in an emergency, the day after they stop being open for 24 hours. The words "sold out", "come back tomorrow", and "I'm very sorry, Sir" are very familiar to me.

When I leave my development, I'm forced to go left toward a traffic light that you time with a calendar. Every time I turn out onto that street, it's just in time to see it turn red. That's usually when I begin to eat my 5 course breakfast, uninterrupted. I can even shave and read "War and Peace" in that time.

No, I think the Deity has better things to do than make little torments for me to endure. My problem really is, that I've never quite understood the truism that "Timing Is Everything".

Maybe I'll get a new watch.


  1. I laughed out loud when I read this out of a feeling of sheer comraderie. I understand - so well.

  2. Usually when I hit a red light I say to myself "if that shmuck in front of me would have gone just a little faster.....

  3. I totally understand! my internet has been intermittent lately but when I call to complain the damn thing goes back online!!!

    it's like a sick joke

  4. Yes, I was expecting photobucket to be up too-- a pain because the photos I *need* are on there.

  5. Nice to see you Holly :) See ya at the red light

    Kristen- we think wayyyy alike

    Hi B nice to see you too. Don't ya love when you call the internet provider and the hold message tells you to go to www. etc?

    Tusk, lol. Same time same idea, same FLOP!

  6. LOL over at I showed a picture of the traffic light!


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